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Carrie Underwood squats deep in skintight spandex

Carrie Underwood close up
Carrie Underwood smiling close up. Pic credit: @carrieunderwood/Instagram

Carrie Underwood is upping her squatting game and even throwing in a balletic twist as she continues to promote her Fit52 app.

The country singer and fitness queen, 39, founded Fit52 in March 2020, and her app now has a cult following. A new Instagram post from Fit52 is featuring its CEO – it was a double-whammy for fans as Carrie appeared in a shorts stretch, plus delivering some mat moves to motivate her followers.

Carrie Underwood shows off muscle machine body with workout moves

The post opened announcing a “LADDER WORKOUT” that’s suitable for beginners and takes just 20 minutes.

Accompanying the message was a photo of Carrie stretching out her quad while indoors and in a baby pink tank top, plus sporty blue shorts.

The CALIA by Carrie founder likely kitted out in her best-selling athleisurewear brand, gazed downward as she stayed focused on her stretch, also wearing cute pink sneakers to match her top.

Video-mode mat work with a swipe was likely delivered by trainer and app developer Eve Overland, with another slide showing a model doing an “Imaginary Jump Rope” move designed to raise the heart rate.

The multiple-slide gallery also included a video of Southbound singer Carrie – here, the blonde squatted with one foot slightly raised on tip-toe as she wore black leggings and a rust-colored top.

“Plie squats,” the text read, giving a nod to the well-known ballet warmup move.

Addressing followers, Fit52 wrote:

“Fire up your whole body with this intermediate-level ladder workout! In the app, you’ll start at 2 reps, work your way up to 14, and come back down to 2… circling through the movements.”

The post continued: “But for today, do 10 reps of each exercise below and repeat 3 times. Tag your workout buddy and get them to join you in this spicy full-body workout.”

Fans were then alerted to the Forearm Plank, Plie Squats, and Imaginary Jump Rope moves they’d just seen.

Fit52 boasts over 100,000 Instagram followers. In 2020, Carrie released her Find Your Path diet and exercise book to coincide with the app’s launch.

Carrie Underwood’s workout app has fans hooked

Amid the app’s release, The Verge‘s Monica Chin offered her impartial review of Fit52, writing:

“Speaking as someone who’s used just about every fitness app under the sun, the workouts are nothing special. They’re made up of very standard exercises that aren’t harder, more creative, or more fun than anything you can find online. And yet I’ve been using it all week more consistently than I usually use other fitness apps. I keep going back.”

Also running fitness apps are model Jordyn Woods and fitness guru Brooke Burke.

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