Carrie Underwood gets ready to rock before Pittsburgh show

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Carrie Underwood is a vision as she continues her tour. Pic credit: ©

Carrie Underwood is bringing the heat as her sold-out tour continues to liven up city after city.

The singer’s Denim and Rhinestones tour has been in full gear with dates in Boston, Atlanta, and Charlottesville.

Before heading to Pittsburgh to tear down the house with another incredible performance, the top-charting songstress had some content to share from previous shows.

The American Idol winner took to social media to share a jam-packed carousel with her 12.3 million Instagram followers. The eight-part post was delightful, with vibrant colors and visually stunning features.

Carrie’s share had everything one might expect from a successful tour, with special effects, wardrobe, and lighting providing energy. The post drummed up excitement for those who have not yet seen their favorite singer.

For Carrie’s efforts, she received 17,000 likes and countless comments.

Carrie Underwood delivers another magnificent performance, with the future looking bright

The first picture showed Carrie with her hands on the microphone as she sang and basked in the red stage light. She wore a gold metallic ensemble with tassels hanging from her sleeves.

The second shot revealed Carrie rocking head-to-toe denim with black ankle boots as she shared a special moment with some lucky fans, shaking hands with the crowd.

A swipe right saw Carrie standing on a platform with purple and blue clouds surrounding her, adding a heavenly ambiance.

Subsequent images featured the singer in the air and, later, appearing in black and white for chic energy.

In a caption accompanying the post, Carrie extended thanks and gratitude toward those who came out to see her perform.

Her caption read, “Had a blast in Charlottesville last night at the @johnpauljonesarena !!! Thanks for coming out to hang with us, sweet Virginians!!! Tonight, we rock Pittsburgh! #DenimAndRhinestonesTour #charlottesville #fire 📸: @jeffjohnsonimages.”

In the post, it was apparent that Carrie has a killer figure. Running around on stage for 90 minutes while performing for the masses undoubtedly has kept Carrie in shape. However, the singer has pivoted her passion for fitness into a business endeavor that others can enjoy.

Carrie Underwood’s fitness app, Fit52

Carrie created Fit52 as a business venture where she could share her fitness knowledge.

One fun feature the singer has integrated into her fitness app has been the Flash Fit moment. Flash Fit moments include sudden calls for an exercise with movements that people can do anytime, anywhere.

For a recent Flash Fit moment, the Fit52 team chose to focus on the legs, an area where Carrie has definitely excelled.

The Flash Fit share had a leg-focused circuit with instructional videos that others could replicate.

And as it turns out, the workout was surprisingly doable.

The circuit featured four exercises, including Fire Hydrants, Side Lying Leg Lifts, Bulldog Floor Squats, and Standing Hamstring Curls. The workout post instructed viewers to do five repetitions, repeating the circuit five times.

If anyone knows anything about leg workouts, it would probably be Carrie.

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23 days ago

I will be “relieving my stress” to her later.