Carrie Underwood celebrates recent concerts in her glittering cowgirl outfits

Carrie Underwood on tour
Carrie Underwood dazzled the crowd while on her Denim and Rhinestones Tour. Pic credit: ©

Carrie Underwood is having a great time on tour. Right now, the country singer is on her Denim and Rhinestones tour that is traveling all around the United States. While performing her hit songs, it’s hard to ignore her stunning looks.  

She was seen on stage in an all-silver outfit. The country singer was wearing a sparkling long-sleeve top that was covered in fringes.

The top was held together by a silver harness wrapped around her torso. The Before He Cheats singer wore matching Daisy Dukes that showed off her long legs.  

Over her, she wore a tan trench coat that almost reached the floor. The jacket had fringes as well as a studded collar. She paired the outfit with silver boots that were also covered in fringes.  

For accessories, she wore a tan cowboy hat, a beaded choker, and long silver earrings.  

Her makeup looked absolutely gorgeous with blue eyeshadow and nude lipstick.  

Carrie Underwood shines at her Milwaukee show  

Carrie Underwood looked fantastic at her Milwaukee show.

The Church Bells singer was seen singing her heart out on a flaming stage Sunday night. According to the country singer, the crowd knew how to “party hard.” She was seen giving Cowgirl vibes while performing at her show. 

Carrie was wearing a long sleeve shirt with large triangle sequins, that mimicked broken glass. She paired it with denim cut-off shorts, that were slightly covered by the animal print chaps. She wore her shoulder-length hair in her signature beach waves to complete the look. 

Carrie Underwood’s musical inspiration  

The mom of two is constantly on the road traveling to different places. It’s common to find inspiration in many different ways, but when talking to Entertainment Tonight, it seems to like she gets ideas in a specific place.

“I feel like I think a lot when I’m in the shower — just ’cause what else are you doing when you’re, like, washing your hair? — so I feel like I’ve had ideas spark [there],” Carrie told Entertainment Tonight.

She continued, “I have to stop what I’m doing and grab my phone while it’s wet and type something out.” 

She clarified that inspiration could happen anywhere. Sometimes she wakes up and writes things with urgency, or even just depends on her memory if she doesn’t have time. She has even used her children and their conversations as her inspiration.

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