Carmen Electra throws it back in leopard bra and underwear

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra is sultry in bra and underwear. Pic credit: Š Collin/Image Press Agency

Carmen Electra threw it back to a hilarious yet sultry look in a leopard bra and matching underwear, which perfectly encapsulated her as an actress.

The Baywatch actress has been in the entertainment business for decades and still drops jaws at 50. 

She continued to make waves in Hollywood by starring in movies such as Scary Movie and Date Movie, the latter of which she featured in her latest post.

The ex of Dennis Rodman shared the funny video with her 1.4 million followers, who never know what to expect from the star.

The latest post offered a bit of humor to start the weekend, which she shared from her TikTok to her Instagram.

Her post received 16.9k likes and counting.

Carmen Electra shares Date Movie scene in leopard underwear and bra

The video began with a very blonde Carmen as she cried in a cave with her arms tied up and a small child looking fearful. There was wild animal sounds in the background, presumably the noises of her captor.

The wild animal ripped off Carmen’s dress to reveal her leopard bra and matching underwear. Of course, the famous face showed her killer body after she lost her dress.

The cave people, covered in mud, began chanting and beating their spears against the ground. Carmen looked repulsed by the confusing experience. In the distance, well-dressed men looked through binoculars as the scene unfolded. Then, the wild animal used its trunk to smell Carmen’s head, which she seemed to appreciate.

Carmen continued to receive her massage as she stood against a wall of fire. The cave people took out their large big gulp drinks and had a sip.

Carmen exclaimed, “I like hairy boys,” and then she was smushed by the creature. The video was bizarre, providing comic relief to viewers.

Her caption read, “😂 #flashbackfriday with the #datemovie! who remembers this movie? 📽 follow me on tiktok/therealcarmenelectra ❣️.”

Although Carmen didn’t win an Oscar for the film, it seems she entertained viewers.

Carmen Electra also gave fans a Scary Movie throwback

Carmen loves a good throwback to her former classic acting roles. A few weeks ago, the actress also posted a funny clip from Scary Movie.

In the clip, Carmen’s character pretended to be running from the advancing Ghostface who was brandishing a knife. But as the camera panned out, Carmen was revealed to be running on a treadmill.

When Ghostface reached the treadmill, Carmen made a run for it, causing the deranged killer to get stuck on the exercise machine with great comic effect.

In the video, Carmen was dressed in a short blue skirt with a figure-hugging white top.

The actress joked in the caption, “literally how working out feels like sometimes,” before adding, “happy  #throwbackthursday everyone!” She then asked her fans, “who else luv’s this movie as much as me??”

This throwback had been preceded by a previous one that went back to her Baywatch days.

The video showed a montage of Carmen dressed in the classic red swimwear of the Baywatch lifeguards, bringing back wonderful memories for all fans of the 1990s classic show.

Carmen has millions of followers on social media, and her posts also receive thousands of likes.

Carmen Electra discusses return to acting

Carmen’s dynamic career has spanned decades. However, the actress took a break, like much of the world, during the pandemic.

She told Schon magazine, “My life has always been changing. I’ll work on music, then get back into acting — I’m reading a lot of scripts right now and am really excited to get back into television and film, because it’s been a minute.”

She continued, “It hasn’t been too long, but it’s been a minute. Then with COVID… I got to do a couple things that I wanted to do, because I’ve always been so focused on working and working and working and working, nonstop.”

Carmen Electra on the red carpet
Carmen Electra is hoping for a quick return to acting. Pic credit: Š

Carmen expressed gratitude for the short break from working nonstop.

Fans likely can’t wait to see what Carmen has in store.

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