Carmen Electra splashes in the water for Baywatch memories

Carmen Electra poses at an event.
Carmen Electra shared some fun memories from her Baywatch days. Pic credit: ©

When it comes to keeping fans caught up in the past, no one does it better than Carmen Electra.

The former Baywatch stunner, who will turn 51 in April, knows how to hold her followers captive while flooding them with memories of times come and gone, and the star was at it again with her recent post.

Taking to her social media page for another flashback share, Carmen took it back to her days on the Baywatch set as she shared one of her favorite montage pieces.

Starting with a brief still of herself wearing the iconic red swimsuit, Carmen then flashed to a video clip where she could be seen in a leopard print bikini.

Rocking the signature striped highlighted locks that defined the late 90s and early 2000s and were sported by Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Clarkson at the time, the actress looked sensational in her two-piece.

She used her rocky surroundings as her posing ground while ocean waves splashed behind her.

Carmen Electra rocks bikinis for Baywatch flashback memories

Following some up-close shots of herself in the swimwear, Carmen then cut to a fuzzy clip of herself making some twirling moves in the same bikini, spinning around barefoot in the sand and tossing her mane forward and back.

The shot switched from bikini-clad moments to showing Carmen looking to still be wearing the leopard bikini bottoms but adding a bright yellow blouse on top.

She donned a football helmet on her head. She used the rocky outcroppings as her props, gripping a football before dramatically removing her protective headgear to let her dark hair fall around her shoulders.

After giving one final hair whip, Carmen returned to sporting her two-piece as she posed next to two blondes.

Carmen capped off the post with a shot of herself dazzling in a silver bikini, with the star seen running through the ocean waves and seemingly laughing as the water splashed her legs.

As Carmen continues to reign supreme as one of Instagram’s most popular celebrities, the beauty has dialed in her exercise routine as the actress hasn’t seemed to age one bit since her days on the popular television show.

Carmen Electra shares her secrets to staying in shape

Speaking with The Cut, Carmen shared her secrets to staying in shape despite her busy schedule.

“I made it a rule that I have to drink two bottles of water before I start my day,” she said, adding that she used to be a soda drinker but switched from caffeinated beverages to focusing on H2O instead and the change has helped her keep weight off.

In terms of working up a sweat, Carmen said her favorite vice is dancing, but she also knows that hitting up the gym for a solid workout session is just as important.

While she admitted that she struggles like anyone else to keep up with taking vitamins and getting the recommended amount of exercise per week, she said she realized it’s all about keeping a balance and learning to say no.

“I listen to my body. There have been times in my life where I’ve pushed myself so hard to do everything, and I had to learn how to say no. It’s important in dating to say no, in your daily life, and with your friends. I think boundaries are really healthy.”

Carmen shared that she enjoys her cheat sweets, and when she isn’t in a relationship, she will often nibble on baked goods in bed.

The actress added a bit of wisdom to finish her interview, telling the magazine that she has learned to let go of the little things over the years.

“Stop worrying so much, things usually work out,” she said. “I used to worry myself so much where I didn’t sleep or I didn’t take care of myself, but when I looked back it was meaningless.”

“I look back and think about things that I’ve missed, being happy because I was so worried about something silly. I don’t want to look back at things with regrets,” she concluded.

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