Carmen Electra runs in her undies for big Scream scare

Carmen Electra in scream
Carmen Electra shared a throwback photo of her in Scary Movie. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.comStarMaxWorldwide

Carmen Electra was a part of one of the most iconic Halloween movies of all time. With Halloween right around the corner, she decided to post an old photo of her murder scene in Scary Movie.  

Carmen, who was 27 when the movie came out, graced the opening scene as the first murder victim.

Fans got to see the blonde bombshell play the character Drew, who quickly became known for her sex appeal as well as her humor.  

The Scary movie actress posted the famous murder scene that fans have grown to love. In the picture collage, her 1.4 million followers saw her character Drew trying to run away from the phantom. In the photos, she was wearing a white ruffled bra with matching high-cut underwear.

Her character Drew, of course, got stabbed by the phantom, but he is left with an interesting surprise. Drew’s breast implant came out on the knife after he stabbed her, leaving both Drew and the murderer stunned.  

On her Instagram post, Carmen captioned it, “it’s that time of year [ghost emoji] how many times have you watched #scarymovie?” 

Carmen Electra was almost not in Scary Movie 

Some people might not be aware that Carmen Electra was almost not cast in Scary Movie. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film’s director Keenen Ivory Wayans divulged that by the time Carmen shot her opening scene, the remainder of the film was already filmed.

He claimed that Miramax didn’t feel she was a good fit for the role. They thought her image was “cheesy” because she wasn’t known for having a specific talent, just being Carmen Electra.  

However, Keenen had faith that she was supposed to be Drew. He asked the studio if he could just shoot the scene, and if it didn’t work, he would hire someone else.  

He doubled down on his decision to cast her, saying, “Not only was Carmen amazing and really got what was funny about her [being the target], she just committed 100 percent to it.”  

Carmen Electra had her eye on a different role 

While fans know and love her for her character Drew, this is not the character Carmen had her eyes set on.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she originally auditioned for the role of Buffy Gilmore. Carmen loved the script and really wanted to be a part of the movie but didn’t get the call.

The actress ended up going for a different movie that was being filmed in Italy at the time when she finally got the call for Scary Movie. Carmen had to fly straight to Canada, and she impressively managed to shoot the scene all in one night.

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