Carmen Electra reveals that she was one of the original Pussycat Dolls

Carmen Electra poses at the 3rd Annual Cinefashion Film Awards
Carmen Electra shared a fun fact with fans about her being an original Pussycat Dolls member. Pic credit: ©

Carmen Electra stunned in black lingerie as she reminisced about being a member of the Pussycat Dolls.

The 50-year-old model posed for a series of photos wearing a black bra and matching black underwear. She also wore a garter belt and fishnet stockings.

To further add to her look, she wore a pair of red gloves in some photos. In others, she opted for black gloves or went gloveless.

In the same photo she went gloveless in, she can also be seen wearing a pair of shiny, black leather high-heeled pumps.

Electra also wore a shiny bracelet high on her upper arm. She wore her hair gorgeously curled and styled into a side split.

She struck several different poses, showing off her incredible figure for the lingerie photoshoot.

Carmen Electra was an original Pussycat Doll

Electra donned her stunning get-up to share a fun fact with her fans. In her caption, she wrote, “Did you know, I was one of the original dolls for @pussycatdoll.”

Fittingly, the photos were taken in front of a stage with a light-up “Pussycat Doll” sign emblazoned on it. A microphone and red curtains could also be seen on the stage.

Meanwhile, Electra opted to pose in front of the stage, sitting across two black chairs. In another photo, she posed directly in front of the red curtains.

The Pussycat Dolls were a girl group and dancing ensemble that was first formed in 1995. Before they became a recording group, they started as a burlesque dance troupe.

Electra was an original member of this dance group alongside Christina Aguilera and Christina Applegate. She was a Pussycat Doll until 2003, when the group was transformed into a pop music group.

However, it seems that her time performing with the group is something she remembers fondly.

Electra shared her fitness tips and routine

At age 50, Electra looked as fit and stunning as ever in her most recent photoshoot, begging the question of what the secret to her fit physique is.

In an interview with The Cut, Electra opened up a little bit about what her diet and fitness routine looked like. She mentioned the first thing she does every day is drink water.

She made it a “rule” that she has to drink two bottles of water before starting her day out. Electra even credited staying hydrated as one of her secrets to keeping off weight.

She explained that she used to drink soda but, years ago, made it a New Years’ resolution to avoid caffeine and drink more water. Once she started ensuring she was more hydrated, she noticed a change in her body almost immediately and that it was easier to keep off weight and helped her skin look better.

As for her fitness routine, she doesn’t stick to a strict regimen. When her work includes dancing, she gets most of her activity done during work. When she works out outside of work, she usually does lunges at home or goes for a light workout at the gym. However, her discipline and activity from being a dancer mean she doesn’t have to push herself to go to the gym every day or have a personal trainer.

Carmen Electra at a red carpet event
Carmen Electra knows the importance of listening to her body. Pic credit: ©

She also revealed her “wellness shortcut” is listening to her body. Electra emphasized the importance of listening to her body, not pushing herself too hard, and learning to say “no” once in a while.

Carmen Electra embraced the Halloween spooky season

The Scary Movie alum loves Halloween and spent this spooky season posting various costumes by herself and others.

Carmen attended Knott’s Scary Farm, which is billed as “the largest and most terrifying Halloween event in Southern California!” and a place “where nightmares never end.”

Carmen posed in some spooky dark gothic garb with a selection of other ghoulish and hideous looking characters.

She captioned the post, “i had so much fun at @knottsscaryfarm this week ?? thanks for having us! ? @thaermustafa01 @charis_b @lukeburrett #costume #halloween #knottsscaryfarm #knottsberryfarm #spookyseason”

Carmen also posted a throwback picture from the set of Scary Movie, which showed her character hilariously brandishing a banana when she came under attack from Ghostface.

The movie star also included a picture of her in lingerie out on the lawn as she attempted to escape the killer with hilarious consequences.

For the caption, Carmen wrote, “grab your bananas, it’s friday! ?? happy #friday everyone ? #scarymovie #halloweenvibes.”

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