Carmen Electra is ‘pretty in pink’ for stunning Vulkan Magazine Pink Issue cover

Carmen Electra strikes a pose on the red carpet
Carmen looked stunning in a hot pink-themed photoshoot for Vulkan Magazine. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Carmen Electra was stunning in an all-pink photoshoot that had the actress and model looking, as her name suggests, electrifying.

Her look was perfection as she modeled several different ensembles, all in head-to-toe hot pink.

Carmen, real name Tara Leigh Patrick, shared some of her photos from a recent photoshoot for Vulkan Magazine’s Pink Issue.

As the “walking symbol of all things pretty” and a certified pop culture icon, Carmen, 50, was stunning in the photographs.

The first photo she shared depicted the former Baywatch star in a silky blazer-and-pants combo. Carmen stood before a hot pink backdrop as she clutched her long, blonde ponytail and tilted her head for a dramatic effect.

Carmen’s two-piece set perfectly complemented the pink tones surrounding her and made for an elegant yet edgy shot.

Carmen Electra goes glam in head-to-toe pink for Vulkan Magazine Pink Issue

The next slide saw Carmen looking like a real-life doll clad in a strapless, iridescent pink mini dress. The blonde beauty wore her hair in a high, sleek ponytail and wore an exaggerated makeup palette with Fuschia-colored eyeshadow, heavy black eyeliner, dark pink blush, and rosy lip color.

Carmen posed with both arms at her sides, with an expressionless look on her face as she pointed both index fingers for the high-fashion shot.

In the third slide, Carmen’s followers were seeing double — the mirror-image shot featured Carmen posing in a hot pink minidress with an elaborate, oversized bow at the waistline that she held with one hand while balancing on one foot in her patent leather, hot pink platform heels.

“Pretty in pink ??” read the accompanying caption, which also included the Instagram handles for everyone responsible for making Carmen look incredible.

Carmen Electra represents Alexander Wang for Bodywear Collection campaign

In addition to being known for her modeling and acting work over her decades-long career in the entertainment industry, Carmen has also put her talents to good use in the upscale fashion world.

She teamed with Alexander Wang for their holiday Bodywear Collection last year. Carmen says she’s always loved fashion, thanks to her mom.

“I was always into fashion because of my mom. Attending fashion shows also inspired me to experiment more. When I got the call, I was so thrilled. Working with Alexander Wang for the holiday collection was a dream come true,” Carmen shared with Vulkan Magazine.

Carmen’s dedication to skincare inspired GoGo Skincare brand

In addition to fashion, Carmen is also adamant about beauty, specifically skincare. The blonde bombshell shared her secrets with Page Six, crediting her dedication to skincare for the creation of her line, GoGo Skincare, launched in 2020.

“I have always focused on a moisturizing makeup removal, hyaluronic acid serum, and a deep moisturizing face cream packed full of high-quality essential ingredients,” Carmen shared.

Carmen’s GoGo line — named after the single by the same name off her 1993 self-titled album – is vegan and cruelty-free and features a three-step line: GoGo Glow, GoGo Awaken, and GoGo Nourish.

In addition to a strict skincare regimen, Carmen credits her lifestyle for her age-defying complexion. Carmen makes sure to drink plenty of water, avoids caffeine, alcohol, and soda, and slathers on sunscreen to protect her skin from harmful UV rays.

Clearly, Carmen’s approach to healthy living has worked. She continues to defy her age and looks stunning, whether she’s lounging by the pool or walking a red carpet.

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