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Carmen Electra in skin-baring gown with side cut-outs for epic throwback

Carmen Electra at a Fashion Rocks event.
Carmen Electra took fans all the way back to the 90s in a daring and skin-baring look. Pic credit: ©

Carmen Electra gave fans a thrill this week when she shared some choice snaps from her hay-day in the late 90s.

Going to her Instagram page for the new post, the former Baywatch star, who stole the screen on the hit show alongside blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson, threw followers from Gen X and Millenial eras all the way back to their high school days with her stunning snaps.

Carmen rocked her pre-2000s darker locks for the throwback, sharing that the series of photos were taken at the 1997 MTV VMAs.

The beauty reminded the web that she has dominated the hearts and minds of people everywhere for more than 30 years as she glowed in a typical Carmen outfit.

Rocking a sleek, black gown with massive side cut-outs that were held together by a series of skin-hugging metal links, Carmen made sure to pose in ways that let the paparazzi capture just about every angle of the garment.

The black material that lay on her front and back appeared to be of sheer material and glistened in the camera flashes while her tanned skin showed in full glory along both sides of her torso, the chain links leaving large, square gaps running from her chest to her thighs.

Carmen seems to have a propensity for sharing old clips and pics, having recently sent temps soaring as she shared a montage from her Baywatch days.

Carmen Electra celebrates Baywatch memories in iconic red swimsuit

Going to her Instagram page again for a walk down memory lane, Carmen sizzled in a variety of clips from the action/drama television series.

The star could be seen stretching her arms above her head while swimsuit-clad, running on the beach, giving fresh-out-of-the-water looks, and serving up coy smiles for the Baywatch review, killing it in every shot as she sported that iconic red one-piece.

Looking as svelte as ever, even after welcoming her 50th birthday this year, Carmen spilled some of her exercise secrets to reveal just how she maintains that enviable figure.

Carmen Electra spills exercise secrets

In an interview with Muscle & Fitness, Carmen opened up about how she keeps herself motivated to stay in shape.

“I look at fitness as a way of expressing myself,” Carmen told the publication.

“Having a healthy lifestyle isn’t that complicated,” she said. “You need to exercise, eat right, stay hydrated, get the right amount of rest, and, most important, try to live as stress-free as possible.”

While the actress has continued to grace the screen over the years, Carmen has largely moved away from her film days as she sets her sights on continuing to learn to use social media platforms and work her magic in other venues.