Carmen Electra in plunging swimwear for Baywatch ‘hump day’ vibes

Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra sizzled in a plunging yellow swimsuit as she brought on Baywatch vibes for “hump day.” Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Carmen Electra was bringing the heat once again as she sizzled in a new plunging swimsuit.

The 50-year-old Scary Movie and I Want Candy actress has seemed to be enjoying her time back in the spotlight after a hiatus from the silver screen.

Now spending a large part of her time sharing new and exciting photos with her fans, Carmen proved she knows how to keep knocking the socks off the populace with her latest glamor shot.

Posing poolside in towering heels that looked to add a good four or five inches to her slight 5-foot-3-inch frame, the ex-wife of Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro showed off her stunning figure in a flirty take of a one-piece swimsuit.

Carmen took charge of the snap, letting her toned physique be the star of the show as she dominated the picture in the sunshine-yellow attire, which boasted a deeply-plunging neckline.

The actress popped her hip out to one side and angled one leg with a little bend to the knee to add some extra effect to the snap, looking as fit and gorgeous as she did in her 20s.

The yellow of the swimwear stood out in the foreground against the backdrop of the pool’s blue hue and the lush greenery that shrouded the horizon line.

Carmen captioned the shot with, “I’ll never give up [baywatch] outfits!” before she added a Hump Day tag while adding, “I know where I’ll be celebrating today!”

While her recent photo was taken in the present day, Carmen has tantalized her fans lately with some epic throwback snaps.

Carmen Electra throws it back in leopard print

Just a few days ago, the Baywatch alum got fans in a tizzy when she shared an epic throwback video from her time filming Date Movie.

The actress could be seen in full leopard print gear, with a spotted bikini top and bikini bottom matching for a cavewoman vibe.

Carmen began the clip with a scene where she is tied up in a cave as an animal reaches over and rips off the skimpy cloth she had tied around her body to reveal the figure-showing two-piece.

Aside from the Date Movie memories, Carmen also seems to be having fun reminding fans of some of her other spoof flick appearances, having also recently shared a clip from Scary Movie.

Carmen Electra in a miniskirt runs for her life

In another throwback share, Carmen gave followers a fun glimpse back to her Scary Movie days, showing herself scared for her life while sporting a miniskirt, sneakers, and a partially-unbuttoned blouse.

The infamous Scream villain Ghostface could be seen marching up steadily from the bushes as a frightened Carmen appeared to be running for her life while screaming.

The video then zoomed out to show that Carmen was, in fact, hilariously running on a treadmill, pausing partway through her run to check her pulse.

Carmen is set to make a big return to movies at some point in the near future, telling Schon magazine that she has been “reading a lot of scripts right now” and is “really excited to get back into television and film because it’s been a minute.”

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