Carmen Electra in black two-piece has ‘been waiting for you’

Carmen Electra revealed that she was waiting for someone, and she looked gorgeous as she did. Pic credit: ©

Carmen Electra took fans for a walk down memory lane with a stunning image and a mysterious message.

The Baywatch actress showed that she still had what it took to command the attention of fans. 

She blasted out a photo that featured her striking a pose in a black two-piece on her Twitter, where she has amassed 481.5K followers.

In the picture, Carmen stood on a light-colored seat while tilting her head back slightly.  Each garment had white fabric lining the top and bottom, adding a feminine vibe to the ensemble.

As for Carmen, she sported soft glam makeup, and her light brown hair had loose waves.

She wrote in a tweet that accompanied the post, “I’ve been waiting for you,” with a red lips emoji.

The post received 4.2k likes from fans of the share.

Carmen Electra talks about acting and music return

Carmen’s acting career has spanned decades, but her life became uncharacteristically quiet during the coronavirus pandemic. Like a large portion of the world, she stopped her jam-packed routine and took inventory of what was important. 

After the once-in-a-lifetime event, Carmen was ready to get back to work.

She told Schon magazine, “I’m reading a lot of scripts right now and am really excited to get back into television and film because it’s been a minute.”

Carmen has facilitated her re-entry to acting and music with the help of her new habit.

Carmen Electra’s weight loss secret

Carmen has joined the water train, touting the benefits of the life force in an interview. Much like triple-threat Jennifer Lopez, Carmen sang the praises of water as transformative and life-changing.

Perhaps the best part about her weight loss secret was that she claimed it changed her life overnight. An overnight weight loss secret would likely appeal to many in a world where instant gratification has reigned supreme.

Carmen spoke with The Cut about her lifestyle choices and hydration habits.

She said, “Finally when I started dancing again and working on music, I noticed that I was dehydrated from being so active and consistently sweating.”

For Carmen, that was a sign that she needed to increase her water intake.

Carmen explained, “I started drinking water and noticed a change in my body overnight. It’s easier for me now to keep the weight off, whereas before, it was more of a struggle.”

The actress also revealed that her skin glowed from the major change.

Each morning, Carmen consumes two bottles of water, starting her day off on the right foot and replenishing her system after a good night’s sleep, and she looks better than ever.

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