Carmen Electra goes glam in glitter bikini for People’s Choice Awards

Carmen Electra at the 22nd Annual Elton John Oscar Viewing Party
Carmen Electra at the 22nd Annual Elton John Oscar Viewing Party. Pic credit: © Chew/Admedia

Carmen Electra dazzled in a glittery top at the People’s Choice Awards.

The actress and model shared her glamorous look on the red carpet of the big event with her 1.4 million Instagram followers.

And the Baywatch actress radiated beauty while blowing a kiss to the camera in her stunning outfit.

The big event featured the model/actress in an ensemble by designer Alexander Wang.

Electra’s top was a glittery, bikini-inspired top with a plunging neckline and double wrap straps around the waist.

The glitter bikini top had string ties around the neck and was primarily backless.

To complete the elegant and alluring visual, Alexander Wang paired it with a mermaid hem-style black skirt that fit tightly.

Carmen Electra in a glitter bikini top at People’s Choice Awards

Dorian Darling did the 50-year-old models’ make-up for the event. She gave Electra a bold smokey eye shadow look with lashes that were winged to perfection.

Her blush is slightly heightened with subtle pink lipstick to match the color.

Johnny Stuntz stylized her hair in an Ariana Grande-inspired high ponytail with her hair straightened.

Carmen Electra blowing a kiss at People's Choice Awards 2022.
Pic credit: @CarmenElectra/Instagram

She wore silver jewelry as earrings that were dangly shoulder dusters.

And she completed the visual with a unique set of pearls and tiny shaped stars that draped around her hands and fingers.

Electra’s skin was as elegant and shiny as the glitter she sported on the red carpet.

This is probably because she has her own line of skincare products, similar to Denise Richards.

Carmen Electra launches GOGO Skincare

Back in the midst of the pandemic, the Baywatch alum debuted a line of skincare products that are inspired by her own hydrating regimen.

The name has a double meaning as the products are focused on the consumer on the go. Adding to this, it pays tribute to Electra’s professional background.

Speaking to New Beauty, she said, “My life has always been GO GO GO, so I wanted to make a brand for a woman (or man) on the move. The GOGO Skin Care System is easy to do even with the busiest schedule.”

Electra further added, “The name was also inspired by all my years as a passionate dancer and one of the songs from my album with Prince was called ‘Go Go Dancer.'”

The GOGO Skincare regimen consists of a three-part system including a hyaluronic serum, antioxidant-rich vitamin C eye serum, and a nourishing moisturizer.

And these products are animal cruelty-free for the vegan population.

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