Carmen Electra braless in backless leather bodysuit says ‘let’s play a game’

Carmen Electra at an opening.
Carmen Electra sizzled in her latest social media post as she went backless and braless. Pic credit: ©

Carmen Electra sizzled in her latest Instagram post featuring a skimpy top and a pool table.

The 50-year-old Baywatch alum, who graced television screens everywhere with her iconic red swimsuit and life-saving techniques on the hit show, has been laying low from the big screen over the past few years, but she continues to prove that she still has a firm hold on her fans.

The caramel-haired beauty showed off her toned and seemingly-ageless figure and features while looking dazzling in a new outfit that let her followers see plenty of her smooth, tanned skin.

Carmen did not disappoint with her latest snap, letting her highlighted locks flip over to one side with endless waves grazing her face and upper back.

The Scary Movie 4 actress gave a fierce glance at the camera while looking backward over her bare shoulder, a cue stick gripped in her hand, and a pool table full of billiard balls in a perfect triangle on the velvet surface.

The ex-wife of basketball star Dennis Rodman rocked a stunning garment that barely covered her, with just the upper half of her body visible in the sultry shot.

Stringy material could be seen circling behind her neck and lower back, with the shiny attire hugging her front for a sleek look.

Carmen captioned the snap, “after work, let’s play a game?” before finishing it off with a kiss sticker.

While the star looks to be maintaining her fame following leaving her forties this spring, Carmen has said in the past that discovering herself in Hollywood was not always an easy road.

Carmen Electra talks about being discovered by Prince

In a 2014 interview with Huffington Post, Carmen opened up about her beginnings in Tinseltown, telling the publication that the late-and-great artist Prince was actually behind her initial discovery.

“This blue BMW pulled up outside the club and the woman was like, ‘This is Prince’s brother Duane, we want you to come meet him,'” Carmen said of the moment she was spotted while out one night.

“The next thing you know I’m at Prince’s house. He was very quiet, which made me even more nervous. He said, ‘I want you to sing something,’ and got on the piano and played Do-Re-Me. Luckily I had been in that musical so I knew the song well!” she continued.

She added that her now-famous moniker was also created by the artist, telling the publication that Prince liked her so much he penned a song for her to sing, calling it Carmen On Top.

When Carmen reminded Prince that her real name was Tara, the Purple Rain singer shrugged it off and told her he saw her more as a Carmen, and that was what he planned to call her.

Carmen Electra opens up about seeking fame

In the interview, Carmen also shared that her road to fame has not always been so easy, and there have been plenty of ups and downs along the way.

She talked about needing to learn to be “less sensitive” and not let the negative comments or feedback get to her, explaining that even she has a hard time sometimes remembering that tabloid gossip isn’t always true.

“…I believe what I read! I pick up a tabloid and even knowing things are exaggerated, I still believe it, so I understand why other people do,” she said.

Carmen concluded with a little sage advice for anyone wanting to make it big, telling them that it’s important to persevere in the face of harsh criticism and self-doubts and just “keep going.”

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