Carmen and Corey ‘exposed in leaked video’: YouTuber says man in clip is not him

Carmen and Corey
Carmen and Corey have responded over the leaked video. Pic credit: Carmen and Corey/YouTube

YouTubers Carmen and Corey have responded after an intimate video said to show the pair leaked on to the internet and made its way into social media — with many sharing the video on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  

As fans debated the full video which is said to have ‘exposed’ the couple, Corey has responded to the leaked tape on his Instagram Live. 

Many fans appear to believe the tape shows both Carmen and Corey, but Corey claims that it is an old video and he is not the one in the video with Carmen.

The popular YouTuber said that the tape involves Carmen with her first boyfriend. He states that he does not judge her past as he had had many girlfriends himself.

However, that didn’t stop some fans of the YouTube couple accusing Carmen of cheating on Corey with the man that appears on the video. 

Corey admitted on Instagram Live that he claimed that he was hurt about the tape to clickbait fans into hearing his response to the leaked video. 

Some fans have accused the YouTube couple of orchestrating the tape to generate views on their YouTube channel, claiming to hear Corey’s voice on the leaked video.

Despite being taken down many times the leaked video continues to get uploaded on social media with many continuing to share it.

The couple has over 2 million subscribers on their joint YouTube channel with over 185 million views. 

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