Carly Pearce is rosy for Ohio show

Carly Pearce on the red carpet
Carly Pearce has a fantastic tour wardrobe. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia

Carly Pearce is out on tour, and her fashion game is top-notch.

The country music sensation has a tour wardrobe that highlights her curves while allowing her to be as high-energy as needed for her performance.

She is coming off a big Grammy win for Never Wanted To Be That Girl with Ashley McBride.

A lot has changed for Carly since she came onto the country music scene, but her fashion sense remains the same.

Carly has excellent taste in clothing and is a good mix of country chic and fashion-forward.

In her recent share, Carly used only emojis while geotagging herself in Columbus, Ohio.

She used “♥️💋🌹” as her emojis of choice.

Carly Pearce pairs glamour and country music

As Carly Pearce continues her tour, pairing high-fashion and country music has become the norm.

From her latest rosy plunging jumpsuit to a black cutout jumpsuit, there is something everyone can appreciate.

Carly typically wears her long hair down and wavy. She wears glam but doesn’t go over the top.

Most of her outfits are paired with boots, including her recent share that highlighted nearly-knee-high boots.

Carly Pearce prefers clean eating

Staying in shape for her tour is a top priority for Carly Pearce.

She ensures she eats mostly clean and follows a Paleo-like diet while incorporating some movement every day.

Despite keeping a healthy diet most of the time, she does have some weaknesses when it comes to food. When it comes to pizza, ice cream, and Mexican cuisine, she loves it all.

Carly has followed a consistent “diet” for much of her adult life. When she was 19, her father suffered a heart attack. That changed everything for her and her family, and that’s when her eating style and habits changed.

Even Thanksgiving is modified for Carly. She told iHeart, “My dad had a massive heart attack when I was 19, and it kind of changed the game for my family as far as how we eat.”

There is one thing that they don’t mess with during the holidays, though. Carly revealed, “You can’t mess with a pumpkin pie. So, there may be different variations of how we make other things, but pumpkin pie is full fat and all.”

With summer around the corner, there will be plenty for Carly to enjoy and to enrich her diet with. The country music crooner makes much of her food on her tour bus, including her overnight oats. Adding some farmer’s market finds will be a fun switch-up.

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