Carly Pearce goes white for What He Didn’t Do performance

Carly Pearce on the red carpet.
Carly Pearce was a vision in white. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Carly Pearce may have been singing about heartbreak, but she looked like a million bucks doing it.

The country music star performed twice at the CMT Music Awards over the weekend.

Her performance wardrobe has been fantastic, but the white dress she donned on the CMT stage was one for the books.

As she stood by the mic stand, Carly looked angelic. Her long locks were worn wavy and left down. The dress had a plunging neckline with no sleeves. A cape made of the same material was draped around her shoulders as she sang.

What He Didn’t Do is one of the top songs on country radio, likely why Carly sang it at the show. It has also made the rounds on TikTok and spells out what happened in her marriage that broke down.

She captioned her share, “Loved getting to sing “What He Didn’t Do” last night ? #cmtawards.”

Carly Pearce performed Just A Girl with Gwen Stefani

Carly Pearce made it clear she was a fan of Gwen Stefani and her makeup. The women teased something big was coming, and they did their thing.

She chose a leather outfit for that performance, which was way less elegant and fit the vibe of the song way better than her white dress would have had she not changed.

It was a different vibe than Carly fans were used to, but she pulled it off and looked terrific while performing with Gwen.

Here’s how Carly Pearce stays fit — even on tour

Staying in shape is important to Carly Pearce. While on tour, she often tries to find a spot to run, but when she can’t do that or wants something more, there are other options for the songstress.

While talking to iHeart, Carly mentioned she could get competitive regarding working out. And it’s not only with people that she knows either. She likes to compete with strangers as well.

Orangetheory Fitness studios have locations all over, and Carly will sometimes drop in and get her interval-based training done. Sometimes her classmates will recognize her, but they have no idea how competitive she can be.

Carly said, “They definitely recognize me. It’s kind of funny. But, you know, it’s all part of it, and at least we’re all sweaty together. They’re all really sweet and usually wait until after class. But I’m not really sure if they’re competitive with me but I know I’m freakin’ competitive, so I’m competitive with all them and I don’t even know ’em.”

Her methods work, as evidenced in her tone physique.

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