Carly Pearce celebrates first weekend on the road

Carly Pearce selfie from January 2023.
Carly Pearce was leggy on stage over the weekend. Pic credit: @carlypearce/Instagram

Carly Pearce’s new music may be filled with heartache and heartbreak, but she is living her best life right now.

Over the weekend, the country music sensation played in St. Paul, Minnesota. She shared some photos taken at the show, and it appeared all had a good time.

She donned a black ensemble while she performed, singing and playing the guitar as the crowd sang along.

While Carly has been active in the business for several years, her rise to fame came fast and furious starting in 2017.

Her newer music has been played all over country music radio, and her duet with Ashley McBryde won her a Grammy earlier this month.

Carly is on her way to the top, taking her fans along for the ride.

Carly Pearce stuns in a black ensemble for a show in Minnesota

On Instagram, Carly Pearce shared photos from her performance in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Carly captioned it, “What a great first weekend on the road. St. Paul y’all made my heart full tonight! 🤍”

Her brunette locks were in soft waves, and her hair was parted in the middle. Carly’s makeup was soft and natural, not overpowering at all.

She donned a black ensemble comprised of a miniskirt and a cutout short-sleeved top. The cutouts were down the middle, making a pretty design. Carly Pearce’s long and toned legs were visible, and it was clear she had been hitting the gym. Her tan highlighted her legs, accompanied by heels on her feet.

How does Carly Pearce stay so fit?

Carly Pearce opened up about her healthy eating habits and how she can stay fit while being in the country music spotlight.

Speaking to iHeart, Carly recounted a significant life event when she was 19. Her dad had a massive heart attack, and from then on, she has dedicated her life to eating healthy.

For the most part, the Never Wanted To Be That Girl songstress sticks to a paleo diet, often referred to as the “caveman diet.” Carly and her family have learned to modify many things to make “healthier” versions. But, as she told iHeart, one thing that she won’t modify at all is pumpkin pie around Thanksgiving. She wants the real deal.

And like most of us, Carly would indulge in pizza, Mexican cuisine, and ice cream if calories were not an issue. Unfortunately, those indulgences aren’t happening much for the country music star, who is busy on tour and maintaining her fit physique.

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