Carly Lawrence strikes a pose in hopes she’ll end up on ‘your Christmas wishlist’

Carly Lawrence shows off her blonde hair.
Carly Lawrence smirks at the camera. Pic credit: @carlylawrence/Instagram

With the holiday season quickly approaching, social media influencers and reality TV stars seem more excited than ever.

Carly Lawrence made a name for herself on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle as a beautiful bikini-clad contestant looking for love.

She didn’t find long-lasting love from the show, but she did create a devoted fan base for herself along the way.

Now, she keeps up with ever-changing trends and signs brand deals left and right from companies who appreciate her beauty.

She addressed her fans in a fun and flirty way with an Instagram photo thread dedicated to Christmas wish lists.

In a separate photo thread, she showed off just how brilliant she is when it comes to edgy accessories and little black dresses.

Carly Lawrence rocks White Fox Boutique

Carly posed for a few pictures wearing an outfit from White Fox Boutique, a company she is currently linked to. She wore a black bodysuit with cut-out shapes over the chest area and shoulders.

It also had a high-waisted bottom to resemble a pair of underwear. The bodysuit had long sleeves covering her elbows and forearms, but it didn’t have any pants, making her legs easy to see.

Carly added a pair of ankle boots with closed toes and thick heels. She wore her long blonde hair in smooth waves over one shoulder with classic makeup.

She added a flirty caption, “I wanna be on your Christmas wishlist,” before shouting out White Fox Boutique and her discount code for potential customers.

Carly Lawrence stands out in red

Carly wore a little black dress from White Fox Boutique in a separate photo thread she shared on Instagram –– and she looked as exquisite as she usually does.

The little black dress was designed to show off her back, shoulders, arms, and legs based on its cut. The front of the dress had a high neckline that covered most of her chest.

She wore a pair of strappy heels that wrapped up around her ankles, along with a black purse that appeared to be made of snake print. The accessory that stood out the most in her photos was her red bucket hat on top of her head.

It was made of fuzzy material. The fluffy hat made a huge statement compared to the rest of her outfit. Carly also wore a few rings on some of her fingers. Her fresh face of makeup paired well with her smooth blonde hair.

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