Cardi B slays Halloween as Marge Simpson

Cardi B shows off her lip piercings.
Cardi B smiles with green hair. Pic credit: © Press Agency

The rap music world is something Cardi B has totally dominated over the last several years.

Ever since she splashed onto the scene in 2015, she’s been one of the biggest artists to keep an eye out for.

Outside of her catchy songs, Cardi knows how to dress her best for any occasion –– including amid spooky season on a day like Halloween.

Halloween is considered one of the greatest holidays to come around each year since it gives everyone permission to dress up in different costumes.

Cardi chose an iconic animated character to emulate for Halloween, and she went all out with her costume. She also perfected her makeup and hair choice for the look.

This isn’t the first time Cardi dressed to the nines in something resembling a costume during spooky season either.

Cardi B looks stunning as Marge Simpson

There’s no denying that Marge Simpson is one of the most beloved animated characters of all time, originally from The Simpsons TV show that’s gone on for 34 successful seasons.

Cardi dressed up like Marge by covering her skin with yellow-tinted makeup, wearing a green corset-style bodysuit, and rocking three layers of necklaces made of large red pearls.

Cardi wore a tall blue wig that perfectly imitated Marge’s hair from every episode of the cartoon. The bright blue hair was so tall it got cut off in the first picture from Cardi’s Instagram carousel!

The hair also perfectly matched the blue eyeshadow Cardi was wearing. Her red pearl earrings and bright red lipstick perfectly matched the red necklaces she wore.

She kept it going with the sultry color of love by adding a pair of bright red platinum pumps and red acrylic nails on each finger. In some of the pictures on her carousel, Cardi wore a green and white polka dot dress paired with see-through black gloves and a mini red scarf tied over the blue wig.

Cardi B looks flawless as a showgirl

In a separate series of birthday photos Cardi shared on social media, she wore a bright red showgirl outfit that looked like it belonged on the Las Vegas strip or at a burlesque show.

The showgirl outfit consisted of a corset-style bodysuit covered in rhinestones below the chest and in the lower stomach area. She also wore a feather headdress that was dripping with jewels and crystals.

The skirt behind her was also made of large red feathers that gave total peacock vibes. Cardi decked herself out with tons of sparkling jewelry, laced-up heels, and long acrylic nails with tons of glitter.

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