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Cardi B shows Instagram how cleavage-displaying style avoids wardrobe malfunction thanks to handsy Offset

Cardi B just missed a wardrobe malfunction from a low-cut gown.
Cardi B just missed a wardrobe malfunction from a low-cut gown, thanks to help from Offset. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.comImage Press Agency

Cardi B may not have intended to have an oops she did it again style wardrobe malfunction at a Grammys Gala. But the 27-year-old rapper’s dramatically cut gown turned into a viral moment for its close call with exposing almost all of her bosom. Offset saved the day with some handsy help.

And rather than try to hide what happened, Cardi B showed her sense of humor in displaying it all on Instagram.

Known for songs such as Please Me, the songstress definitely pleased photographers who were seeking potentially viral moments on the red carpet. Thanks to an enormous cutout in Cardi B’s dress that plunged down to her waist, the celebrity was a style sensation.

Cardi B gets a boost (literally) from Offset in not showing every inch of bosom

The frock never quite turned into a full wardrobe malfunction, pointed out ET.

The Nicolas Jebran gown, adorned with black polka dots on a hot pink background, had long sleeves. But those demurely cut sleeves didn’t do anything to hide the cutout that exposed most of Cardi B’s cleavage.

The rapper’s husband, Offset, took it all in stride, repeatedly grabbing her chest as photographers captured the scene on the red carpet.

Now when a wardrobe malfunction almost occurs (or does occur), there are several ways to handle it.

Some celebrities take it all in stride, calmly holding their clothes together as they smoothly exit from the stage.

Others, in the words of that ever-playing Frozen song, choose to “Let it go, let it go; Can’t hold it back anymore.”

Cardi B seemed to be channeling her inner Idina Menzel in her choice.

Cardi B shows all on Instagam, and fans cheer

There’s no business like show business…and there’s also no celebrity like the one who can keep her sense of humor regardless of what happens.

Cardi B chose to post a photo that showed precisely what happened, complete with Offset appearing to take on the role of holding up her lady parts.

View this post on Instagram

Babe my titties keep poppin out

A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib) on

The caption appeared to be addressed to her husband.

“Babe my titties keep poppin out,” wrote Cardi B.

Fans responded with delight.

“Yup mood,” pointed out one.

Offset came in for his share of speculation, with some wondering if he had forgotten he was on the red carpet.

“Offset smiling like he forgot where he was for a second,” joked another commentator.

Did Cardi B get inspiration for low-cut cutout on dress from Jennifer Lopez?

Now if you’re thinking that cutout looks familiar, remember Jennifer Lopez in a few of her famous red carpet dresses.

Lopez has never left that jungle dress behind her, complete with that how-low-can-you-go cutout that emphasizes her cleavage.

However, we have to admit that Cardi B has accomplished something that J Lo never did: Use a man as an accessory to keep the cutout from going into NSFW land.

Therefore, we hope that Jennifer’s fiancé Alex Rodriguez is taking notes on precisely how Offset managed the perfect maneuver to avoid a full-on wardrobe malfunction for Cardi B.

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