Cardi B shows curves in red lingerie to wish Offset a happy birthday

cardi b offset birthday
Cardi B is stunning in red lingerie as she wishes her husband, Migos member Offset a happy birthday in red lingerie. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Cardi B did her best to cheer up her husband, Offset, on his birthday, and her choice of clothing may have helped do the trick.

Offset has been grieving since his family member and bandmate, Takeoff, was tragically murdered by a stray bullet in the early hours of November 1.

As Cardi has explained, her husband, Offset, has been devastated since the shocking death.

Cardi took her man to a tropical destination, where the two engaged in outdoor activities, like kayaking, with Cardi documenting every moment.

The WAP rapper extended a public birthday wish to the father of her children with a loving montage of photos featuring her and the rapper.

Cardi shared the birthday-themed post with her 145 million Instagram followers and received likes for her efforts.

Cardi B gives Offset birthday wishes in red lingerie

The first picture showed the birthday boy standing outside with palm trees and a cloudless sky as his background. Offset looked icy, rocking multiple chains and head-to-toe black while wearing sunglasses and looking to the side.

The second image featured Cardi and Offset sharing a loving moment, with smiles on both their faces.

Next, a shirtless Offset spoke on the phone while standing in a garage.

The final picture was nothing short of spectacular, with Cardi and Offset descending a set of stairs, presumably on their way for a night on the town.

Cardi’s waist looked snatched in red corset-style lingerie with crystal embellishments decorating the garment. She wore a red garter belt and opera gloves looking curvy and cute with her man behind her.

Cardi’s caption read, “Happy birthday my love.I pray silently and I pray loudly on this post that God bless you & protect you.Thank you for your love to me.I love your 4ever & beyond ❤️.”

Cardi B teams up with Fashion Nova

Cardi B was one of the first big-name celebrities that Fashion Nova secured as an influencer.

Cardi told Vogue about her inspiration for her first Fashion Nova collaboration in 2018.

Cardi’s Fashion Nova debut had an autumn release, and the rapper reflected the season in the line.

Cardi explained, “I was thinking a lot about what would I wear in the fall time like we have a lot of jackets, we have a lot of dark colors, a lot of mustards, belting, a lot of blues. Nothing so bright.”

With a Reebok collaboration and Fashion Nova partnership under her belt, it seems there is nothing Cardi can’t do.

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