Cardi B goes sheer to show new Reebok designs

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Cardi B unveils her latest collection with Reebok after previously dropping two lines with the company. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Cardi B was happy to announce the final collaboration of three, with shoe brand Reebok, and she showed off her curves and designs.

The rapper posed for a colorful series of shots that appeared on the Reebok Instagram page.

The images showed Cardi’s energetic personality, killer curves, and fabulous new creations for the brand.

Meanwhile, Cardi made good use of her 144 million Instagram followers to encourage fans to check out her latest endeavor, also sharing a video on her page.

Cardi’s post showed the rapper as she approved designs from the Reebok line, making recommendations with a model showing the garments.

Together, the posts gave a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and the finished products.

Cardi B x Reebok release final collaboration

Cardi sat on a couch while the designers showed their latest creations, seeking her approval. Cardi lounged while she commented about what she liked about the ensemble on a model who presented the look. The model wore the Cardi B Woven Crop Jacket, which retails for $85.

Then, the clip showed Cardi as she flipped her hair and struck a pose, wearing the Reebok Cardi B Crop T-Shirt, which retails for $35. Cardi arched her back while she tried to create the perfect shot in her Cardi B High-Waisted Legging Shorts, which retail for $50.

Cardi sported long extensions, which helped her to create the hair-flipping shot that Reebok later shared.

Another look saw the WAP rapper rocking the Cardi B Mesh Jumpsuit, a see-through bodysuit with a price tag of $80.

Over on the Reebok Instagram, fans could see the final result of Cardi’s hard work. The shoot had psychedelic vibes with blue, purple, and pink shades as Cardi posed on a cube.

Cardi wore her Cardi B Club C V2 Women’s Shoes in the color modern beige. A swipe right showed Cardi’s shoes on a cube, with modern beige, puzzled purple, and blue haze versions of the shoe.

Cardi B reflects on her final Reebok collection

As Cardi departed Reebok, the brand she collaborated with since 2018, she offered some positive words about her final venture with the company.

Cardi said, “For my final collection with Reebok I had to make sure we brought it to the next level.”

Cardi continued, “I needed every piece from the slides to the jumpsuit to be as big, bold, and fun as we could make them.”

Cardi fans can purchase items from Let Me Be…Next Level Energy on the Reebok website.

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