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Cardi B goes braless and without underwear for ‘Round 2’

 Cardi B at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS Party held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.
Cardi B stripped nude for a sizzling photo that touched on her fighter side. ©

Cardi B got in touch with her sensual fighter side for a flashy display as she posed completely nude for a Mortal Kombat tribute post.

Wearing nothing except an oversized cheetah-print hat on her head and matching cheetah gloves, the singer made sure to capture the attention of all her fans with the sizzling new snap.

Cardi B stripped nude for a Mortal Kombat tribute

Sharing the sexy new pic with her massive 136 million followers, Cardi B got things heated up in a big way as she casually dropped the hot new post that put all of her curvaceous lines on full view.

The singer, mom of two, and wife of rapper Offset showed off her ability to blend in perfectly with her surroundings as her glowing skin, cheetah hat and gloves, and the interior of the lux car she was in all seemed to match to near-perfect hues.

Having stripped herself down to her birthday suit, save for the choice head and arm attire, Cardi could be seen leaning slightly to the left as she covered up her bust area with one elegantly draped and gloved arm, her lower half concealed only just barely by her two tilted legs.

While the first snap was truly the eye-candy grab aimed at catching fans’ attention, Cardi did leave a second pic of Mortal Kombat character Raiden next to it for a little added effect and to make her caption of “Round 2….FIGHT!!” more understandable.

Cardi B recently opened up about being discriminated against

While the star is one of the biggest celebs in the world, Cardi B has not been exempt from dealing with the ignorance and discrimination of others.

The singer recently shared her personal experience with prejudice when she confirmed fellow artist Joe Budden’s claims that strip joints seem to hire the same type of woman that rarely includes any women of color.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Cardi B offered up her own story from her former stripping days, sharing that she was once told by a club that she did not have the right look to work there, claiming that management told her she wasn’t “Spanish enough.”

“You can be fresh off the boat if you don’t fit in the “Hispanic box” that these club promoters think is desirable you can’t work certain night or have certain job positions. It’s beyond braids as well (I should of worded that correctly),” Cardi ranted in support of Joe’s call-out of the strip club hiring process.

“It’s crazy how people on the internet will try to tell you about your own experiences even if it’s coming from 2 people who worked at these clubs !!” she concluded.

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