Cardi B giving birth featured in clip from Offset documentary

Cardi B took over the Grammys and Offset was by her side
Cardi B is everywhere and when Offset’s documentary comes out, she’ll be in that too. Pic credit: ©

Cardi B was a big winner at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night and right by her side throughout the whole thing was her husband, Migos rapper Offset.

Offset used his moment at the Grammys to share a new video promoting his upcoming solo album and documentary.

The Migos rapper posted a clip to Instagram and in it, we see Cardi B as she gives birth to their daughter Kulture.

The moment seen in Offset’s Instagram clip is raw and real as Cardi B screams out in pain, legs open as a camera pans the room, showing her doctor, the medical staff and her friends that were there to support her.

In the middle of it all is Offset, who quite honestly looks stunned to see Cardi as she literally pushes their daughter Kulture out.

There has been quite a bit to criticize Offset for lately and it looks like Cardi B’s birth video is no different. When he shared the clip to Instagram on Grammy night, there were questions about why he would even promote his album on Cardi’s big night.

Clearly, Offset knows that Cardi B is the hottest rapper on the planet right now and her appearance in the documentary will absolutely get him attention. And it did!

There were also plenty of comments on social media about how Cardi B and Offset must really be back together, with questions about whether they actually split or not and whether Offset would even have a shot at a successful solo album without his wife.

No matter what the case, Offset has a new album and a documentary coming out. Both will be released on Feb. 22, 2019.

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