Cara Delevingne’s Super Bowl shirt shows more than meets the eye

Cara Delevingne close up
Cara Delevingne shows off her humor and her good looks. Pic credit: ©

Cara Delevingne rocked a hilarious shirt with the crowded Super Bowl arena roaring behind her.

The front of the supermodel’s t-shirt was hysterical (and relatable) all on its own with the text reading, “RIHANNA CONCERT INTERRUPTED BY A FOOTBALL GAME, WEIRD BUT WHATEVER.” But there was a surprise hidden elsewhere on the shirt that would be sure to be a fan favorite.

Cara lifted up her shirt high above her head, which highlighted her toned abs underneath, but there was another shocker revealed too.

The inside of the fashion model’s shirt donned an image of Rihanna’s face with a football helmet. The way that Cara had the shirt lifted up made it look as though Rihanna’s face was sitting on Cara’s shoulders.

Cara captioned her post, “#teamrihanna.” Fans must have agreed with the t-shirt’s sentiment, as the post earned far over 3 million likes and was flooded with over 13,000 comments.

The Paper Towns actress’ energy may have contrasted with some of the avid sports lovers, but overall her vibe was ready for a great show and happy to be at the event.

Cara Delevingne promotes Rihanna’s clothing brand

Cara is a fan of Rihanna in more ways than one, and she proved it by modeling for Rihanna’s clothing brand, Savage X Fenty. Cara sported a black swimsuit in front of a gorgeous sunset.

The 30-year-old star looked fantastic in the cheeky one-piece swimsuit that featured thin straps across the back and accentuated her incredible curves.

She stood with a serious expression on her face in an infinity pool with a gorgeous landscape view in front of her.

Savage X Fenty sells a variety of daring options for swimsuits, lingerie, athletic wear, and more. The brand was likely happy with Cara’s promotion, as she shared the photo with her whopping 42.5 million followers.

Cara Delevingne is a lip-synch comedian

Cara is well-known for her hilarious voiceovers, and she posted one that highlighted her charming personality. She lip-synched to a clip of Kute & Neat by Sasique — but her silly faces did most of the talking.

After lip-synching to the lyrics, “you want a picture let me pose for you now” the sounds of a snapping camera commenced, and Cara’s face changed completely.

She went from a fierce gaze to crossing her eyes and making the goofiest expression she could. Somehow she still looked amazing in the process, as only someone such as Cara can pull off.

The video went on like this to show off her impressive lip-synching skills along with her comical faces.

It’s clear that this blonde beauty doesn’t just have killer looks but also a winning personality.

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