Cara Delevingne went topless covered in gold paint to the Met Gala

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne showed up at the Met Gala in another surprising look, painted gold and topless. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Cara Delevingne is making a name for herself with her outfits at the Met Gala, whether she has a verbal message or not. The model attended this year’s Met Gala with a very different look from last year’s outfit.

Many fans recall her outfit and its message calling for the patriarchy to be dominated embellished across her chest, but this year, her chest was used to match the event’s theme.

Cara needed no words this time around and let her outfit do all the speaking for her as she posed on the red carpet, looking smug and shimmering.

Cara Delevingne goes topless for the Met Gala

Cara showed up to the Met in Dior once again wearing a Dior Haute Couture red suit, complete with tails and a matching cane. The suit jacket and pants were a bright red with matching deep red heels, but it wasn’t the suit that impressed the most. 

Cara removed her suit top to reveal her torso covered with shimmering gold body paint. Her nipples were covered with gold stickers, and she accentuated the look with several pieces of gold jewelry ranging from rings, necklaces, and chains that went across her chest. 

Even her feet were painted gold for the event, though her feet were far from the main event. 

Cara’s Met Gala look can be seen here

Last year, Cara wore white suit pants, white heels, and a white bulletproof vest designed by Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri. The vest had “Peg the Patriarchy” in bright red font across the front. 

The model said that the outfit was about “women empowerment, gender equality — it’s a bit like, ‘Stick it to the man.’” 

The designer, Maria Grazia Chirui, frequently references women’s rights and feminism in her work, so her message on Cara’s outfit wasn’t a complete surprise. 

This isn’t the first time Cara’s gone topless in the last few weeks, though. In April, she shared a topless image while promoting a fashion brand.

Cara Delevingne goes topless to promote jeans

Cara shared an image on April 19 where she wrote, “Just be you.” 

The image had a plain background as the model rested on her stomach, wholly topless and only wearing a pair of jeans. 

The photo was a promotion for the brand 7 For All Mankind, a brand that focuses on premium denim items. 

The brand shared additional photos of Cara to their own Instagram account as she promoted the jeans.  

No matter what Cara does next, fans are certain to be surprised by the model’s tactics. 

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