Candice Swanepoel sizzles in skimpy swimwear while completely underwater

Candice Swanepoel at the Cannes film festival
Candice Swanepoel is jaw-dropping as she takes a dive. Pic credit: © Koffel

Candice Swanepoel is starting the month right with a sultry new photo shoot. The ex-Victoria Secret model posted to Instagram a sneak peek showing off one of her many tiny bathing suits.  

The Tropic of C owner captioned the photo, “and with libra season comes an ocean of emotion” 

Fans got a glimpse of the South African model in a tiny black one-piece, striking poses underwater.  

The blue-tinted photoshoot gave an ethereal appeal, like something out of a movie. Photographer Jerome Duran, even reposted her pictures on her story writing, “goddess alert.” 

In her story, she posted more photos from her photoshoot with Duran. In the first photo, fans get to see Candice looking relaxed as ever, getting a peak of her model curves in the thong bathing suit with the caption “Libra szn.” 

Candice released a series of photos, almost embodying a real-life mermaid. In the last photo, she ditched the black bathing suit, opting instead for her nude silhouette. Fans can see in the dark Instagram photo, Candice appeared nude, swimming towards the surface for the final look.  

Candice Swanepoel swimming in a photoshoot.
Candice Swanepoel in her underwater photoshoot. Pic credit: @candiceswanepoel/Instagram

Candice Swanepoel is not only a model but a business owner 

When the Yeezy supermodel is not taking on sensual photoshoots, she is running her own business. In 2019 she launched her own swimwear brand called Tropic of C. The brand was co-founded with fashion designer and former creative director of Victoria’s Secret, Daniela Manfredi.  

“It started as a creative outlet,” Candice told Forbes. “I love photography and imagery and beauty in general. I had been working and shooting swim for so many years, and as a way of keeping my mind working during photoshoots, I would analyze the product.” 

The swimsuit line is not just any drop-shipping brand with a celebrity co-signer. Instead, Candice takes pride in making all her business moves with sustainability, community, and quality in mind.  

Candice Swanepoel Has been focusing on work amid Kanye West dating rumors 

Recently Candice, a model for the Yeezy brand was seen getting particularly comfortable with the brand’s creative director Kanye west. According to TMZ, the two were seen laughing and flirting with each other during Yeezy Gap’s New York Fashion Week event.  

The mother of 2 was wearing the new Yeezy glasses while seen with Kanye west and Chris rock. 

While neither Candice nor Kanye responded to the allegations, Candice did admit to being excited to work with Yeezy Gap. She told Vogue

“The vision for the shoot was so clear but also allowed for me to contribute my perspective on it. Moreover, it was exciting being a part of something I knew would instantly become iconic.” 

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