Candice Swanepoel shares BTS shot of Amelia Gray modeling Tropic of C

Amelia Gray close up
Amelia Gray is rocking a bikini from Candice Swaenpole’s line. Pic credit: @ameliagray/Instagram

Most of the country has been freezing as arctic temperatures blast through the US. Still, Amelia Gray is living it up on the beach while sporting a bikini from another social media influencer’s line.

The bikini brand is Tropic of C, which happens to be owned by model Candice Swanepoel, best known for her time on Victoria’s Secret runways.

Candice’s swimwear has graced many famous bodies as they become increasingly popular. Hence, it’s no shock that Amelia would be interested in hitting the beach in one of her tiniest bikinis to put together a little advertisement for the brand.

In the gorgeous photo, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter is sprawled out on a wooden lounge chair nestled in the sand.

Looking ultra-toned and tanned for the shoot, Amelia leaned back with both arms up over her head as she lengthened her lean body with the camera focused directly in front of her.

The photo is black and white, so it’s unclear what color the bikini is. However, it does have a print on the cups, and the bottoms have a seriously high waist, giving the illusion of much longer legs.

Amelia Gray in a bikini for a photo shoot
Amelia Gray stuns in a bikini for a beach photoshoot. Pic credit: @candiceswanepoel/Instagram

Amelia Gray ‘giving Spider-Man’ in Thom Brown catsuit

As Amelia Gray’s star power grows, we continue to see her popping up in even more campaigns, often sharing behind-the-scenes shots of her photo shoots to keep fans entertained.

Most recently, in a video shared by Interview Magazine, Amelia was stunned in a red fishnet catsuit with black bikini bottoms and stars across her breasts.

In the video, you can hear comments about the outfit and her pose “giving Spider-Man” when someone else chimes in that it’s giving “Janice Dickinson.” And considering that Janice Dickinson is the first supermodel, that’s a high compliment.

Amelia Gray mixes high fashion with Reebok

While most of Amelia’s ventures deal in high fashion, recently, she mixed high-end with sporty for Reebok in what looks to be a promotion.

In the first of six photos, Amelia stretches her leg way out to rest it on the staircase banister while putting the footwear on display. She also wore a long, flowy black skirt and a black crop top with black and white striped long sleeves. Amelia’s left arm was draped over her head, with her index finger pointing down at the right shoe.

In the second snap, Amelia leaned back against the wall with both sneakered feet propped up on the railing. The third photo, which made it clear that she’s promoting Reebok sneakers, is zoomed all the way in on the shoes, showing off the retro pump basketball on the tongue.

The fourth photo was the last one to feature the shoes, with the final two photos showing close-up shots of Amelia’s face.

The Mason Margiela fashion house is tagged in the photo alongside Reebok, and these specific shoes can be found on their website for a hefty $1,150.

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