Candice Swanepoel goes tropical to celebrate bikini launch

Candice Swanepoel face
Candice Swanepoel paid tribute to Brazil for Tropic of C. Pic credit: © Pictures

Brazil holds a special place in Candice Swanepoel’s heart.

Her ex-fiance and the father of her two boys hailed from Brazil, and she learned Portuguese after living part-time in the country.

Therefore, Candice’s latest Tropic of C launch made all the sense in the world.

What also made sense was Candice’s decision to star as the model of the latest launch, daughters of the sun.

After all, who better to model a swimsuit than Candice herself?

As a swimsuit maven, Candice had the power and honor to pay tribute to the special country with a new line of swimwear.

Candice Swanepoel launches the new Tropic of C collection

Candice shared a jam-packed Instagram carousel with her 18.9 million followers, where she proudly revealed the launch of her new Tropic of C collection. The Tropic of C collection, stylistically titled daughters of the sun, was an ode to Brazil and the wildlife in the ecologically diverse country. Lowercase letters have become a signature of Tropic of C releases and swimsuit names.

The first picture from the carousel showed Candice saluting the sun, wearing a zebra bandeau-style bikini top from the line.

The following shot was breathtaking, as Candice perched atop a rock with the lush greenery of a rainforest serving as the backdrop.

Finally, Candice basked in the natural beauty of a waterfall, wearing a bikini by Tropic of C. Music with Portuguese lyrics played in the background, perfectly matching the vibe of the shoot. Candice wore the equator top in indigo terry, retailing for $80, paired with the praia bottom in indigo terry, retailing for $70.

Candice explained the theme of her latest release in a caption accompanying the share.

She wrote, “into the mystical heart of tropic of C. a deep dive into the emerald green of the southeastern Brazilian coast, where the mountains have a love affair with the sea. an immersion of body and soul in the Atlantic rainforest. a tropical delirium. a possible dream. @tropicofc ???? #new #sustainablefashion.”

As Candice revealed with a hashtag at the end of her caption, sustainable fashions are of the utmost importance to Tropic of C.

Candice Swanepoel’s swimsuit line is Tropic of C

Candice launched Tropic of C, a sustainable and environmentally friendly swimwear brand, when she saw a gap in the market following the end of Victoria’s Secret Swim. As a swimsuit model, Candice knew all about fabrics and fits that flattered a woman’s body.

Candice told Forbes, “It started as a creative outlet. I love photography and imagery and beauty in general.”

Since then, Tropic of C has become an influencer favorite, with Candice at the helm.

She has used models like Amelia Gray as the face of her line.

But Candice is arguably her brand’s best model if the latest post was any indication.

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