Candice King is ‘bejeweled’ in favorite outfit for a night out

Close-up of Candice King
Candice King arrives at a charity event back in October 2017. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

Candice King looked gorgeous as she attended an event held by the clothing brand Show Me Your Mumu, which specializes in bridesmaid outfits.

The Vampire Diaries actress wore a nude-colored sequin miniskirt with a matching crop top and showed off her long legs in a pair of nude strappy sandals.

She looked stunning as she smiled and posed for photos, ruffling her bleach-blonde hair, which had been curled into relaxed waves.

The 35-year-old also revealed herself as a Taylor Swift fan, dropping the lyrics to two of Taylor’s songs from her new Midnights album in the caption that went along with her Instagram Reel.

She wrote, “Best believe I feel bejeweled in my favorite @showmeyourmumu 💎 so fun dancing the night away with @showmeyourmumu x @fashionpass 🪩 and thank you @cammymumu & @colognemumu for the years of mumu mu-del training so this monster on a hill can masquerade as a sexy baby for a quick pic 📸 😜.”

She also chose Taylor’s song, Bejeweled, as a fitting soundtrack to the post!

Candice King interviews Tommy DiDario for Superbloom podcast

Candice launched her own podcast, A Superbloom Podcast, last month and has already had some great guests, including Melissa Joan Hart and Amanda Knox.

Most recently, she released an episode featuring an interview with entertainment correspondent Tommy DiDario.

The pair discussed changing careers and the pressure Tommy was put under to hide his sexuality when he was first in the industry.

Candice shared a clip of the episode on social media for her 10.2 million followers and thanked Tommy for his support, and revealed the pair are now firm friends.

She wrote in the caption, “Whew I’ve been so excited to release this episode!!!! @tommydidario I’m so grateful for our friendship that has blossomed over the last year. Thank you for being the first guest to record @asuperbloompod with me and for your encouragement every step of the way in this new venture. I can’t wait for everyone to be as inspired by our conversation as I am. You have such a big heart and shine such a beautiful light in the world!”

Candice King gets in the fall mood

Candice seems to be getting into the spirit of autumn this week, sharing “a dreamy fall dress” by Sea New York, which she wore with a rainbow crochet tank top and a pair of brown leather mules.

She also wore her seasonal look as she cooked up a batch of potpourri at home, filmed with an ASMR soundtrack.

The funny video sees her chopping up apples and oranges before struggling to open a jar of cinnamon sticks and being unable to put the lid back on her pumpkin-shaped pot!

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