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Candian track star Robin Bone shows off ripped physique in sports bra and tight shorts

Robin Bone
Olympic athlete Robin Bone is stunning in a white sports bra and tight shorts. Pic credit: @robinbone/Instagram

Canadian track and field pole vaulter Robin Bone is showing off her moves as she gets an intense workout in.

Not only does she work out to keep in shape, but she shares training videos with her followers to help them complete their own exercise goals, too.

This time, Robin was working up a sweat as she did high knees, lunges, sprints, and jumps, among other things.

She shared that she was recommended to try a leg sleeve to “stay on top of my inflammation while I’ve been working my way back to form.”

She also noted that her doctor recommended the leg sleeve and she wears them to bed after hard workout days or after she’s been traveling for a while.

Though the leg sleeve was doctor-recommended, the rest of her workout gear was sporty and casual and showed off her fit and toned figure.

Robin Bone stuns in tight shorts and white sports bra

Robin kept her long hair tied back in a high ponytail for her exercise as she worked up a sweat.

Her ripped abs are visible even when she seems relaxed, showing off major muscle definition.

Her arms and legs are fit and toned as well as her outfit highlighted her trim physique.

Pole vaulting is no easy task, but Robin is up to the job to continue her sport and get back in shape.

As part of her exercise regimen, she has a few favorite exercises she uses to build upper body strength.

Robin Bone shares top exercises for upper body strength

Speaking to Women Fitness, Robin revealed her top five favorite exercises to keep her upper body strong and fit for pole vaulting.

She added some basics, like pull-ups and chin-ups, adding that while it’s a “basic exercise,” it’s “still one of my all time favorites!”

For more extensive exercises, she listed stability ball body saw to pike pushup, which involves using a stability ball to roll out while in a plank and then doing a push-up while in the pike position, and stability ball plank with shoulder extension and circles, which includes getting in an elbow plank with your elbows on the stability ball and achieving a flat back with your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor before rolling forward on the ball.

She also added handstand holds with shoulder tops and hanging leg lifts into inversion, which can be intense exercises as well.

Of course, Robin is an Olympic athlete, so most of these should probably be left to the professionals to try at home.