Candace Cameron Bure in plunging leotard and tights shimmies as ‘Fake Pamela Pupkin’

Candace Cameron Bure attends an iHeart event.
Candace Cameron Bure got her Halloween spirit on full blast as she embodied Pamela Pupkin. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Candace Cameron Bure got in touch with the holiday spirit as she playfully reenacted a hilarious skit.

The Full House and Fuller House alum, 46, popped onto her Instagram page to repost a TikTok video she recorded while gearing up for Halloween in the most fun-filled way possible.

Going for a black-and-orange-hued ensemble to really hone in on the October vibes, Candace shimmied and showed off her high kicks while performing her take on actress-turned-Instagram star Laura Clery’s Pamela Pupkin dance skit.

Candace went all-in for her parody, donning a painted-on cat nose and whiskers, a leopard print, chunky headband, and a low-cut black leotard with orange-and-black-striped tights.

“Fake Pamela Pupkin wishing you a Happy October 😜🧡🎃 ,” she captioned the clip before tagging Laura.

Candace showed off some impressive moves as she danced her way all around the floor of what appeared to be her gym room.

Keeping her hair pulled up into two youthful pigtails that bounced around her head as she rocked the squats, kicks, arm pumps, and punches, Candace played Laura’s rip-roaring workout song in the background, which tells the dancer to “ride the witch’s broom” and “shake off the skittles.”

Candace Cameron Bure in skintight bodysuit dances for Christmas

While the stitch-inducing Halloween skit may have been somewhat of a rarity for the star, Candace has formerly enjoyed taking on other Laura Clery videos in an effort to give the holidays more pep.

In 2020, Candace worked it once more as she copied another dance video from the comedian, this time wearing a tight, white bodysuit and red, white, and green striped leggings while doing the “pick up the star, put it on the tree” and “sit on Santa’s lap” moves.

Candace paired her festive outfit with a floppy Santa hat, proving even two years ago that she knows how to have a good time and not take life too seriously.

As the star continues to have some fun on her social media accounts, Candace has also kept up her acting chops since the finale of Fuller House two years ago.

Candace Cameron Bure to join GAC Media after Hallmark run

Back in April, Candace made an exciting announcement about the future of her acting career, telling fans that she would be leaving her Hallmark days behind and joining the new programming company.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Candace shared that she was ready for the change, saying, “I’m very excited to develop heartwarming family and faith-filled programming and make the kind of stories my family and I love to watch.”

“I am constantly looking for ways that I can inspire people to live life with purpose. GAC fits my brand perfectly; we share a vision of creating compelling, wholesome content for an audience who wants to watch programming for and with the whole family,” she later added.

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