Canadian track star Robin Bone shows off training results

Robin Bone close up
Robin Bone looked incredible in her workout outfit. Pic credit: @robinbone/Instagram

Wow. Wow. Wow. Robin Bone in a tiny spandex set is one thing, but she somehow managed to stay “all smiles” during an intense training session yesterday.

The 29-year-old athlete was captured in motion as she soared over the towering bar, every inch of her fit figure working in unison.

Robin wore a sporty white ensemble, including a cropped tank top and cheeky bottoms that left little to the imagination.

Beyond accentuating almost every muscle of her ultra-toned body, the spandex outfit highlighted Robin’s gorgeously sun-kissed complexion.

Robin completed the training getup with her signature black helmet, which she always wears to protect against head injuries, and a pair of white sneakers.

She tagged the photographer in the caption, adding, “Been working on connecting my jump from short approach this past month and excited to be working these next few weeks on adding some speed and bigger sticks from full approach as outdoor season starts! ??”

Robin Bone sprinted down the track in tight spandex leggings

So, there’s fast, and then there’s Robin fast. Last month, the Canadian pole vaulter shared a training video showing off her impressive speed.

Standing on a bright purple track in blue spandex leggings and a white sports bra, Robin adjusted her long, silky ponytail before taking her mark on the yellow line.

Then, she got into position and took off at a full sprint down the track, her sculpted figure propelling each movement. 

She joked in the caption, “Mornings at the Oval Office ??‍♀️.”

Robin Bone offered a glimpse at her gym workout routine 

Robin gave her loyal followers a sneak peek of her gym workout, showing them exactly what it takes to train like a professional athlete.

Set to the hit track Hold You Down, the gorgeous Toronto native could be seen performing several powerful pull-ups with a massive weight secured around her waist.

Dressed in gray spandex leggings and a tight pale blue top, it was impossible not to notice Robin’s impeccable form and chiseled physique as she moved through each rep.

Thankfully, Robin isn’t shy about sharing her fitness routine on social media, as she often motivates her fans to train like athletes in short gym reels.

She captioned the TikTok video, “Final few lifts of 2022?? #polevault #trackandfield.”

Now, it’s no secret that being a professional pole vaulter requires countless hours of intense physical training, but it’s equally important to maintain a diet of nutrient-dense, energy-giving foods. 

Robin shared her typical breakfast during an interview with Women Fitness, saying, “My daily breakfast varies for different training days, but my staple is a coffee and a hearty bowl of oats with chia seeds, hemp seed, flax seed, some fruit, and almond butter. I find this combo keeps me full throughout my training without making me feel sluggish.”

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