Canadian track star Alysha Newman shows off pole-vaulting skills

alysha newman selfie
Canadian gold medal-winning pole vaulter Alysha Newman stunned as she prepared for action. Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Canadian track star Alysha Newman returned to doing what she does best as she grabbed her pole and soared through the air.

The Olympic medalist and Canada native has been enjoying life lately and treating her fans to a lot of content.

Alysha spent the new year holiday week in beautiful Miami, exploring the beach and riding on boats. Then, she returned to snowy Canada for an epic version of a cold water challenge.

The talented athlete’s latest post saw her celebrating a successful jump day with an energetic video post on her social media.

Alysha’s 598 thousand followers were the first to see the riveting content, with sports giant Nike featured prominently.

The video started with a Kanye West remix as Alysha emerged from the shadows with a smile.

Alysha Newman shows skill in Nike sports attire

The background song was a remix of Stronger, which was appropriate considering Alysha’s shredded figure. The camera circled the beauty, whose blonde hair was up in a ponytail.

Next, the video jumped to Alysha, who was doing some jumping of her own. Alysha stood on the mat with the pole in her hand before she launched her body in the air, clearing the hurdle with grace.

The blonde beauty looked fashionable and fit in a dark pink two-piece as she went airborne.

Although Alysha’s fit doesn’t look like it has hit shelves, fans can pick out something similar from Nike. Alysha rocked a variation of the Nike Shape Women’s High-Support Padded Zip-Front Sports Bra, which retails for $60.

As an Olympic-level athlete with a huge audience, Alysha has the privilege of trying out sportswear before it becomes available for retail buyers.

Alysha’s caption read, “Jump day!✨ I’m excited to see where I’m at mentally and physically.🥳.”

She was sure to tag the different divisions of Nike in her post.

Another brand that Alysha has promoted is Emergen-C.

Alysha Newman promotes Emergen-C Canada

Alysha teamed up with the Vitamin C-packed drink Emergen-C for an appropriately timed advertisement shared on social media. 

As winter arrived, Alysha explained she found the supplement useful in promoting immunity and health.

Alysha struck a pose in a kitchen with a glass of Emergen-C sitting in front of her. 

In a caption accompanying the share, she touted the benefits of Vitamin D and Zinc. She wrote, “With winter on its way, I’m extra attentive to making sure I am keeping up with my immune system, especially with the lack of sun Canadians get during the next couple months.”

She continued, “Thank you to @emergenc_canada Immune+ powders; it has an extra kick of Vitamin D and more Zinc over its original formula to help support my immune system along the way!”

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