Canadian track star Alysha Newman shows ‘insane courage’ with cold plunge

Canadian track star Alysha Newman
Canadian gold medal-winning pole vaulter Alysha Newman showed determination as she hit a cold plunge in a bikini. Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Canadian gold medal-winning pole vaulter Alysha Newman plunged into 2023 in a unique way, rocking a bikini as she showed her strength and determination.

But Alysha’s latest display of willpower had little to do with the sport that made her famous.

Instead, the athlete tried her hand at the cold plunge.

For those out of the loop, a cold plunge entails an ice bath, which is certainly not for the faint of heart. Athletes have long used ice after intense workouts to soothe the muscles and temper inflammation following a workout session.

As for Alysha, she did the cold plunge as a social media post shared jointly with an IG account for the Cold Plunge account.

Alysha had a special guest, an adorable Siberian Husky, who appeared to be in its element. As Alysha approached the ice tub, she offered her hand to the pup for a high-five. The puppy reciprocated, placing its snout against her palm.

Alysha Newman in navy bikini does cold plunge

The athlete wore a tan baseball cap and a navy blue bikini as she smiled and walked toward the tub. Her straight blonde hair fell from under the cap, cascading past her shoulders.

In the background, snow fell from the sky and coated the ground, adding to the chilly vibe of the video.

She jumped into the water, where the clip sped up as Alysha sat in the icy bath. In the background, a male voice encouraged her with motivational words. The video ended with the Olympian seated in the ice bath.

Alysha’s post was a far departure from the Miami Beach content she shared last week. However, Alysha looked just as happy in the cold as she did in the heat.

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Alysha Newman’s nutritional diet

One reason for Alysha’s cheerful disposition could be her prioritization of mental health and nutrition.

Alysha told that she took off one month a year to refocus and recalibrate. The month off from work helped to prevent burnout and other adverse effects.

The athlete also shared that she fueled her body with healthy food.

Alysha revealed to The Brunching Mama that she followed a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. However, Alysha also said she had cheat days and treated herself to ice cream on those occasions.

She explained, “I am very fortunate that my body looks this way with what I do every day but I think my nutrition is the main reason for it. My diet is gluten-free and dairy-free but will occasionally have my ice cream on cheat days.”

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