Canadian track star Alysha Newman shares chiseled physique for start of indoor season

Alysha Newman close up
Alysha Newman looked amazing in a tiny workout set. Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Alysha Newman commanded attention in a recent post, showing off her beyond-sculpted physique as she sprinted right into the indoor season.

The 28-year-old Canadian athlete was caught with both feet off the ground in a tight pink Nike sports bra and matching spandex shorts.

Naturally, most eyes were immediately drawn to Alysha’s chiseled abs before admiring every other toned muscle on her body, including those arms, shoulders, and legs.

The second photo showed her smiling down at her coach from atop a wooden training block, her enviable curves further highlighted by the profile view.

It’s obvious that she’s been hard at work getting herself ready, and now the blonde beauty is pumped to kick the season off with three meets in Europe.

She tagged the photographer in the caption, adding the dates of the first three meets and an excited, “Europe, here we come!”

Alysha Newmann unveiled toned physique for Plunge partnership

The only thing that can top the sight of Alysha’s toned physique in spandex is when she rocks a bikini, as seen in a recent promotion for Plunge, a cold water therapy tub.

Standing outside in a revealing dark blue swimsuit, she could be seen giving a pup some love before settling into the freezing ice bath.

As an outstanding Olympic athlete, Alysha is all about promoting any health and wellness-related content on her social media page, making her the perfect ambassador for Plunge.

According to the brand’s website, cold water therapy can benefit the body in many ways, including elevated energy, immune support, muscle recovery, performance enhancement, boosted mood, improved momentum, better sleep, stress reduction, and pain relief.

She appropriately labeled 2023 the “year of insane courage” in the caption.

Alysha Newman sizzles in tight white jeans

Now, there’s no denying Alysha loves her sportswear, but she also has a fond appreciation for fashion, as seen in a recent post showing her big sister some birthday love.

The five-foot-nine bombshell rocked a pair of white jeans that were basically painted on with a cropped animal print top, allowing her shapely figure to shine.

She completed the look with strappy white heels, and of course, it appears she never leaves home with her luminous smile.

Alysha’s lookalike sister was equally stunning in a pair of ripped denim jeans with a plunging white long-sleeve shirt and tan platform sandals.

The two hugged it out in their homeland of Canada, and Alysha wished her “bestie” a happy birthday in the caption, adding, “Everyone always asks who my role-model is and it has and will always be you Bri!”

While Alysha seems healthy, happy, and thriving at the start of 2023, she had to conquer several hurdles to reach this point.

In August 2021, she shared an honest Instagram Post expressing how much she’d struggled, writing, “It was [an] absolutely s**t year for me on the track. Completely opposite to my dreams and goals I put out for myself. Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.”

She added, “You could look at my 2021 year and say I hit rock bottom in my pole vaulting career or you could say damn Alysha, look at the mountains, obstacles and s**t you put up with. It wasn’t easy, it was really hard on my family, my coaches and especially me and my mental health.”

Nevertheless, Alysha persevered and never stopped pursuing her dreams, so now it’s off to Europe to start the indoor season!

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