Canadian track star Alysha Newman attracts an onlooker while trying to snap the perfect bikini selfie

Alysha Newman close up
Alysha Newman unveiled her flawless figure in a New Year’s share. Pic credit: ©

Alysha Newman stayed true to herself and turned heads during a recent New Year’s trip to Miami, with a jaw-dropping photo catching one of her admirers in action.

The 28-year-old pole vault champion spent the weekend celebrating with friends, wearing various revealing ensembles.

While the first photo showed her living it up in a sheer bedazzled top with a visible floral bra, the second cranked the heat up even more with a shiny silver bikini.

Now, anyone who managed to peel their eyes away from Alysha’s athletic physique might notice something else about the selfie, an unknown admirer craning his neck to get a better view!

Other shared photos featured more of Alysha’s chiseled abs, a golfing wardrobe, and a spectacular ocean sunset.

She thanked Savile Row Travel for the fantastic weekend getaway in the caption, adding, “New Year, same me with a vow of being a better human, athlete, sister, daughter, friend and lover than I was last year!??”

Alysha Newman sizzled in revealing green dress for seaside snaps

It’s as if Alysha knew the world would want more from this steamy Miami trip, and boy, did she deliver!

The blonde bombshell found her light on the front of a luxury boat, posing in a revealing green dress with cut-outs and slits to highlight her sculpted figure.

She let her hair do its thing from under a chic white hat, blowing in the breeze with natural, beachy waves.

Alysha protected her eyes with a pair of oversized brown sunglasses and added a watch, not that she needed to be keeping track of time on vaca!

She quipped her location in the caption, “M.I.A – but not lost ?.”

Alysha Newman shared inside look at the end of training weeks workout

Alysha took to Instagram to give fans a look at the end of her training weeks, which included “a high demand of mental and physical training without weight bearing on the joints.”

The five-foot-nine track star moved her body gracefully through a series of moves on the uneven bars, adding a few pull-ups and toe touches before moving on to the trampoline for some high-flying flip action.

She rocked skintight spandex shorts with a matching sports bra for the session, her light locks tied back in a casual bun.

With a rock-hard body like Alysha’s, it’s no surprise that her workouts, even at the end of training weeks, are nothing short of intense and inspiring.

She added the caption, “Don’t you know I’m good and I’m feeling alright!? ?”

Of course, working out is only half the battle to achieve the body of your dreams, and Alysha is living proof that it pays to eat clean.

In her own words, “It’s extremely important to put the proper nutrients in your body, especially during long, hard, and critical practices. If you don’t eat right, it’s like putting cheap gas in your car. Yeah, it’ll drive, but not as well as it should. Our bodies are the same way.”

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