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Canadian Olympic pole vaulter Alysha Newman shows toned abs in gray bikini

alysha newman bikini
Canadian pole vaulter Alysha Newman smiles with her bestie in a gray bikini. Pic credit: @alyshanewman/Instagram

Olympian medalist Alysha Newman showed fans what it takes to achieve top honors, and it involves a sculpted body and hours of training.

The stunning Canadian athlete shared a bikini photo on her social media last week ahead of the three-day weekend.

She sported a gray bikini and offered her best model pose before softening her face once seeing her best friend.

Alysha’s six-pack abs were visible as the athlete showed she worked hard to get where she landed.

The shots featured a special guest, whom she referenced in the caption–her adorable puppy.

The blonde bombshell arched her back and posed against a beam, placing both hands on the structure and looking into the distance.

She wore Ray Ban sunglasses to protect her eyes from sun damage.

The share netted the Olympian a respectable 40k plus likes and numerous comments.

Her caption read, “My favorite photo bomber -> 🐶.”

Alysha geotagged London, Ontario letting fans know where the striking photos were taken.

Alysha Newman exercise routine is intense

It’s probably no surprise to readers that an Olympian athlete trains hard. A quick look at Alysha’s Instagram feed shows countless photos of the Canadian beauty working out and posing in bikinis.

The shots reveal the extent of Alysha’s training, with cut abs and toned legs visible in many shots. She shared that the season before competition is the most crucial to her success.

Alysha said, “My pre-season runs from October 1 to January 1. This is the time of the year where I’m getting in shape. I run, lift, and try to maintain as healthy a diet as possible. I’ve learned that my pre-season is the most important phase in my yearly preparation.”

She offered insight into her workout routine as well. Alysha shared, “During the week I stick to a specific schedule. I usually have two technical days comprised of pole vaulting, gymnastics, and plyometrics. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, I run—anything from tempo runs to quick 60-meter sprints. I finish those running days with weight training.”

She concluded, “Whenever my competition schedule allows it, I take off Saturdays and Sundays to rest.”

Alysha Newman says fame changed her for the better

In the same interview, Alysha revealed that fame had changed her for the better. She said she wanted to be a positive role model for those who looked up to her.

Alysha explained, “Knowing that young girls and boys look up to me is fantastic. All I want to do is inspire them to pursue their dreams—even if those dreams seem impossible. I love that my passion for track and field inspires people in other ways. I believe so deeply that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and I want to pass that belief on to others.”

Alysha continues to be a role model, showing young fans that anything is possible.