Camilo Sesto dies: Spanish Prime Minister offers touching tribute

Camilo Sesto dies
Camilo Sesto dies. Pic credit: Hibermon1/YouTube
Camilo Sesto dies
Camilo Sesto dies. Pic credit: Hibermon1/YouTube

Camilo Sesto, the popular Spanish singer, died on Sunday in Madrid. According to his manager Eduardo Guervos, his death was due to a cardiorespiratory arrest. He was 72.

Translated, the tweet reads: “Dear friends, We very much regret to inform you that our great and dear artist Camilo Sesto has just left us. Rest in peace.”

Tribute to Camilo Sesto following death

After the death of Camilo Sesto was announced, the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez took to Twitter, saying that Spain and the entire Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world will lament this loss.

Translated, the tweet says: “With your genuine voice, as an interpreter and a composer, you were able to be one of the dearest and most universal artists… Your melodies will always be part of our memory.”

Who is Camilo Sesto?

Camilo Sesto is a Spanish singer-songwriter of romantic pop and rock ballads.

Born in Alcoy, Spain, Sesto began his career in the ’60s when he sang as part of pop bands Los Dayson and Los Botines and went on to win a TV contest in Madrid. It was a good start to an extremely successful musical career.

By the time of his death, Camilo Sesto sold over 180 million albums worldwide and was considered one of the most influential musical artists when it came to rock ballads in Spain. In his career, he had more than 50 no. 1 hits and released more than two dozen albums.

Sesto retired from recording new music in 2008 and went on his farewell tout in 2009-10. The last concerts he performed were in Madrid in October 2010, which he released as a live album.

That was also his final album before his full retirement.

He received the “Highest Hispanic Pride” medal in a Las Vegas ceremony in 2011 and May 27 was labeled Camilo Sesto’s Day in Nevada.

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