Camila Mendes dances in strapless orange top

Camila Mendes gazes into the camera.
Camila Mendes dances in a tiny orange top. Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Camila Mendes was radiant in orange as she danced to promote sales.

The bright orange top was tight fitting and tucked neatly into Camila’s jeans. It featured halter top sleeves that crossed over her chest.

Camila paired the top with light-washed and high-waisted jeans that included large holes in the knees. She completed her look with sheer gloves and heels with pink fluff.

The Riverdale actress styled her dark hair down, and let it flow around her as she danced. Her makeup was lovely with a touch of mascara.

Camila danced with little steps as she moved her hips and showed off the product for Loops Beauty.

The 28-year-old actress posted the photo and video to Instagram on Saturday. After stating the 30% sale was site-wide, she included in her caption, “perfect time to check a few names off your holiday gifting list.”

The post earned well over 600,000 likes.

Camila Mendes supports Armani Beauty

Camila modeled in a stunning photoshoot to promote Armani Beauty. Her makeup was done to absolute perfection, and she even ended up being joined by a familiar face!

The star’s makeup included a lovely smoky eye, pink lips, and rosy cheeks with highlights. Her shiny dark hair flowed straight back behind her shoulders .

In the last photo, Camila was joined by her co-star, Lili Reinhart. Lili also looked fantastic with her short blonde hair cropping above her shoulders and her makeup was shimmery and beautiful.

Both stars wore dark black outfits. Camila’s included in a tiny strapless crop top that she paired with a matching long skirt.

Over the outfit, Camila sported a long coat, which she wore with her arms outside of the sleeves.

Camila Mendes celebrates her pup’s birthday

Camila posted a beautiful series of photos to celebrate her adorable pup, Truffle.

Truffle turned three years old, and Camila went all out to celebrate the pup’s special day. Camila and Truffle posed together in the first photo with Camila giving the camera a smoldering look, and Truffle smiled with an adorable set of teeth.

The next photo showed Truffle posing with a red birthday ribbon perched on her chest. She bared her bottom teeth for the camera and enjoyed the birthday spotlight.

The adorable post earned well over 1,000,000 likes and it was flooded with over 2,000 comments.

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