Camila Cabello shows killer style in shirt dress on The Voice

Camila Cabello served another look on the set of The Voice where she has taken a judging role this season.
Camila Cabello served another look on the set of The Voice where she has taken a judging role this season. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Camila Cabello showed that she could keep up with Gwen Stefani’s fashionable ensembles on The Voice with her latest sparkly outfit.

Camila shared a few shots from an impromptu backstage photoshoot while backstage at the NBC show.

The shots showed Camila as she worked her angles and struck her best modeling poses in a dressing room.

The Fifth Harmony alum posted the pictures for her 65.5 million Instagram followers, who have become accustomed to her fabulous looks.

Camila promoted Team Camila in the caption that accompanied the post.

She received 378K likes for her social media share, although that number continued to grow throughout the day.

Camila Cabello stuns in sparkly shirt dress for The Voice

Camila opened the Instagram carousel strongly with her arms reaching toward the camera and slightly covering her face. One of her eyes was visible with dark winged liner adding to the drama of her look.

Camila rocked sheer opera gloves, and her bright salmon-colored manicure was visible underneath the material.

Her dark tresses were in a stylish updo, and bangs cascaded to frame her face. As Camila tilted her head, her massive diamond dangling earrings took centerstage.

The second picture was stylishly blurry, with Camila placing her arms on her stomach.

Next, Camila posed with her hands under her head in a dramatic fashion while giving a better look at her outfit.

She wore a white dress shirt with a collar covered in sparkly crystals. Even the collar featured embellishments as the singer shined bright like a diamond. Camila wore nothing underneath the shirt dress as she showed off her killer legs.

The final shot showed Camila while she bent her leg and looked at her reflection. She wore peep-toe stilettos that were also sparkly with small bows on each foot.

As Camila showed off her toned legs, some might wonder what she did to get into such great shape.

Camila Cabello’s HIIT workouts

Camila has worked with trainer Jenna Willis to keep her body in tip-top shape.

Jenna said that because Camila had a busy schedule, they used the body as resistance and focused on exercises that could be done anywhere.

She shared, “This means a lot of our workouts include minimal equipment that focus on strength, HIIT, and balance (including complex movements that target the whole body).”

Jenna also shared that Camila’s ab workouts are from one of the most natural forms of exercise — laughing.

She explained, “We end up getting in an added ab workout because of how much we end up laughing.” 

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