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Camila Cabello shakes her booty, gets low in orange bikini top

Camila Cabello close up
Camila Cabello showed off some super sexy dance moves in the mirror while wearing an orange bikini top. Pic credit: ©

Camilla Cabello was in the mood for dancing, showing off her skills and shaking her booty in the mirror on Friday.

The Havana singer wore an orange string bikini that showed some major cleavage with a tank top that she had lifted to reveal her chest.

She paired the outfit with a pair of brown shorts and had her hair up in a messy bun.

Camila Cabello showed off some sexy moves in the mirror while wearing a bikini

Camila was dancing around in her bathroom mirror, showing some salsa moves and swiveling her hips around in a super sexy dance, looking as if she was at the club.

In multiple Instagram Stories, Camila enjoyed some dancing, and in one video wrote on top, “New speaker means lots of me practicing my party moves in the mirror.”

In the last video Camila shook the camera so much it was hard to see what was going on, but one thing that was clear was her hip action, possibly inspired by Shakira.

Camila even shared a DM from a follower who wrote, “bestie this video gave me whiplash,” and she responded, “LMFAO.”

Camila Cabello DM
Pic credit: @camila_cabello/Instagram

Camila recently showed off her cleavage in a ruffled bikini while sipping a drink

The Bam Bam singer has been quite active on Instagram Stories in the last day, previously posting a video of herself using the devil horns filter, baring some major cleavage in a ruffled, patterned bikini top. In the video she looked as if she was talking to someone offscreen, and then proceeded to look at the camera with a seductive look or give kisses.

Her song Celia played over 2 of the videos in which Camila had messy, half-wet hair, most likely from swimming in the pool. She took a drink of what appeared to be a delicious cocktail with a slice of lemon in it.

On top of one of the videos, she wrote, “I know ur drunk but wat am I.”

In later videos, Camila talked to the camera, revealing she had something in her nose but had no desire to reshoot the video she just did.

Camilla Cabello with messy hair and a devil horn filter
Camila Cabello lounged by the pool in a cleavage-baring bikini top. Pic credit: @camila_cabello/Instagram

Camila showed off some major underboob in a crop top and denim shorts

Not only has Camila been super active on Instagram Stories, but she also posted shots of herself showing off major underboob in a crop top that looked like it was upside down.

The former Fifth Harmony member wore the crop top along with a pair of denim shorts and stared at the camera seductively, while licking her lips and later giving two middle fingers.

She wore her hair in 2 pigtails with multiple braids throughout, and the photos garnered over 2 million likes.

She captioned the shots, “mon amouuuur, mon amouuuur.”