Camila Cabello reacts to embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on live TV as Twitter shares screenshots

Camila Cabello. 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center.
Camila Cabello had a classy response to her wardrobe malfunction, having accidentally flashed everyone on live TV. ©

Camila Cabello might still be reeling from a recent wardrobe malfunction, but the singer appears to be taking the whole thing in stride.

The singer, who just celebrated her 25th birthday, recently suffered from an accidental flashing, showing her breast for a brief moment on live TV before quickly pulling her shirt back over her exposed chest.

Camila was being interviewed on The One Show and demonstrated her skilled dancing when the malfunction occurred as reporter Alan Carr exclaimed she was “cyber flashing” him.

Camila had the best TikTok response to her flashing accident

Although likely an incredibly embarrassing moment for any celebrity, as Janet Jackson is familiar with after flashing the crowd at the 2004 Super Bowl with Justin Timberlake, Camila seemed to be handling the accidental slip-up with poise.

Taking to TikTok, the songstress posted a short but fitting video seemingly addressing her clothing mishap.

Camila could be seen in a comfy, grey t-shirt as she leaned back into her couch, her face forming a grimace as she shook her head while the lyrics “I wish I had a time machine” played in the background and her caption read, “when my stylist asked if I wanted nip covers and I said no.”

Twitter users immediately posted screenshots of the incident

As Camila works on recovering from the accidental flashing of a very sensitive area of her body, Twitter users aren’t making it easy for the singer to forget about it too soon.

Several Twitter users shared a clip from the actual interview in which Camila’s nipple can be seen for mere seconds before the singer covered herself up again.

With the clip and screenshots of the incident being rampantly shared on social media, critics of the over-sharing have also come forward to defend the singer and her privacy.

“To all the gross old men sharing the screenshots of Camilas tits… get a grip, saddos. To the girls… you should know better,” wrote one person in regards to the viral Tweets circulating about the singer’s mishap.

Tweet supporting Camila Cabello
Pic credit: @lyndseyowens14/Twitter

Another person also came to Camila’s defense, tweeting, “soz as if men have recorded and are posting camila cabello’s wardrobe malfunction on the one show already… u literally look like a creep mate stop!!!!!”

Tweet supporting Camila Cabello
Pic credit: @lauraelizawile/Twitter

Camila has been doing more interviews recently as she prepares for the upcoming release of her third solo studio album Familia, which will be released in April.

The singer recently enjoyed a malfunction-free performance of her new single Bam Bam on the Late Late Show with James Corden just four days ago.

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