Camila Cabello in bust-baring top bends low and licks lips

Singer Camila Cabello wearing a Balmain dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Amwaj earrings, and Djula rings arrives at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards held at the Prudential Center on August 26, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey, United States.
Camila Cabello got in touch with her sensual and seductive side as she dipped it low in a chest-revealing top while licking her lips. ©

Camila Cabello got in touch with her inner seductress as she bared her chest and dipped it low for the camera.

The Cuban-born singer and ex-girlfriend of fellow musician Shawn Mendes got feisty as she displayed lip-licking and finger-flipping moves while rocking a sexy crop-top that gave her some major under-cleavage.

Camila showed off her bust in enticing new snaps

Sharing the four-series post to her Instagram page, Camila heated up the week as she worked it in an under-bust revealing top and some low-rise jeans.

In the first snap, the Bam Bam singer, 25, gave a little body twist while giving her plumped lips a seductive lick while gently tugging down the tops of her pants.

Camila looked super sleek and fun, keeping her lock, auburn locks partially braided into two cute pigtail sections while strands of iron-flat strands cascaded down at the sides of her face.

Rocking an underboob-baring crop top that sported a stylish high neckline with a middle-chest, open arc that ended in two beaded points at her bust areas, Camila added some extra flair by throwing on a thick, chain-link choker.

Feeling herself up in the other pics while also flipping the bird for good measure, Camila proved that she knows how to play it up for the lens.

Camila was accused of using blackface last year

With the former Fifth Harmony songstress’ star continuing to rise like a volcanic eruption, being in the spotlight has seen Camila put into some less-than-ideal positions with her fans.

Just last year, followers called out Camila for using blackface on one of her backup dancers during her appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, where she performed her hit Don’t Go Yet.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Camila and her white dancer, Dylan Pearce, were put on blast as fans heavily criticized the singer’s decision to darken his skin.

Although Camila defended the look by insisting it was simply a case of a spray tan gone bad, her followers were having none of it and used Dylan’s own Instagram share of himself in the get-up next to a dark-skinned emoji character with the caption “Emoji fashion on point!” as proof that blackface was, in fact, used for the live performance.

Despite the backlash, Camila has gone on to become one of the top-charting, hottest musical artists out there today.

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