Camila Cabello goes sheer to unveil new music video

Camila Cabello is red-hot as she releases a music video to Ku Lo Sa, a Nigerian song that she remixed with great results. Pic credit: @camila_cabello/Instagram

Camila Cabello looked red-hot from her hair to her toes as the Cuban beauty dropped her remix to Ku Lo Sa.

This week has been more hectic than usual for Camila because the show she joined as a judge, The Voice, had its Season 22 finale.

Camila replaced singer Ariana Grande as the youngest judge and had great success with her contestant making it to the finals. Camila’s contestant, Morgan Myles, may not have won, but she certainly gave it her all with Camila by her side.

However, Camila had another job to do, releasing a music video to a song she remixed. Fans might recall that Camila shared a bathroom video last week as she danced seductively to Ku Lo Sa, a Nigerian song.

Followers soon learned the reason for Camila’s spirited dance with her recent post.

Camila treated her 65.8 million Instagram followers to a new look and sound, thanks to her Ku Lo Sa music video.

Camila Cabello shakes her hips for Ku Lo Sa

For the clip, Camila donned straight red hair and a matching bodysuit. Underneath the bodysuit, Camila rocked a red bra, which was visible because the bodysuit was entirely sheer. Camila paired the bodysuit with a tan trench which she used as an accessory as she danced.

The video showed Camila dancing with a group of background dancers who sported yellow and black ensembles. The crew shook their hips on a white set, with curtains cascading and adding a soft effect to the clip.

Camila also rocked red boots that nearly came up to her knees as she moved and grooved. She used her hands expressively to dance, revealing bright-red acrylic nails. She also sported red fingerless gloves, taking the theme very seriously.

Camila’s caption read, “ku lo sa video with oxlade . directed by @bomailuma ?.”

As it turns out, Camila doesn’t only dance for work– she also dances for exercise.

Camila Cabello’s dancing workout

Camila Cabello has worked with a trainer, Jenna Willis, to keep her body fit and happy. Jenna spoke with Shape about Camila’s work ethic and love for dance.

Jenna said, “Naturally, Camila is always on the go, so we’ve tailored our workouts to fit that busy lifestyle.”

Although Camila has a busy schedule, the singer has always made time for dancing.

Jenna continued, “Somehow, she [Camila] manages to keep me on my toes and turn every cardio move into an incredible-looking dance move.”

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