Camila Cabello celebrates anniversary of colorful video

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Camila Cabello remembers her album Familia. Pic credit: @camila_cabello/Instagram

Slightly one month after celebrating her 26th birthday, singer Camila Cabello has another date to observe.

The Cuban-born songstress took to social media to enjoy the first anniversary of her album, Familia.

Camila shared a montage of colorful moments from her musical efforts, including dancing and singing clips from her third studio album.

To celebrate the exciting occasion, Camila posted a five-part post with pictures and videos from Familia.

The content contained vibrant color and personality — a testament to Camila’s Cuban heritage.

As Camila told her 67 million Instagram followers in a caption accompanying the post, her album was all about love and friendship.

Camila Cabello celebrates the first anniversary of Familia

The first part of the share showed dancing in reverse, with colorful tiling and vibrant dancers in the background.

The second part of the post was a visually stunning clip from Camila’s collaboration with Willow Smith.

Another swipe right saw Camila rocking a blonde wig and singing with Argentinian pop star Maria Becerra.

Finally, Camila danced with girlfriends at a laundromat while seemingly having a great time. 

While music is a huge part of her career, when Camila isn’t busy creating new tunes, she has a lucrative business venture.

Camila Cabello promotes OLIPOP

Camila has become a brand ambassador for OLIPOP, a carbonated drink with a twist. The soda has fiber, low sugar, and probiotics for a trifecta of desirable qualities. Interested fans can buy OLIPOP at participating Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods locations.

The former Fifth Harmony face promoted the brand on her Instagram while touting her favorite flavor, Strawberry Vanilla.

As it turns out, Camila put her money where her mouth was after learning more about the brand.

While speaking with Well + Good about her partnership with OLIPOP, Camila revealed that she invested in the company before she became one of OLIPOP’s famous faces.

She also discussed gut health and how the probiotics in OLIPOP could regulate the microbiome. The singer explained, “I learned more about the microbiome and gut health, and OLIPOP is a drink that’s so good for that.”

Camila also uses her diet as a way to facilitate optimal gut health.

Camila Cabello shares her health and diet secrets

In the same interview, Camila told Well + Good about her lifestyle and diet secrets.

She said, “Well, I definitely think food is a big part of everything. So things that have natural probiotics like tea or yogurt. Um, but also I take probiotics every day.”

Camila also highlighted the importance of hydration.

She continued, “Baseline is drinking enough water, having like a well-balanced day in terms of food, having enough veggies and like not a lot of processed foods, and exercise.”

Another part of Camila’s healthy living involves hanging out with family and friends and getting to sleep early.

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