Camila Cabello blows kisses in a racy blue dress with cut-outs

Camila Cabello close up
Camila Cabello donned a racy blue backless dress with cut-outs on the chest. Pic credit: ©

Camila Cabello showed off her curves in a racy blue gown on Sunday as she twirled, blew kisses, and looked simultaneously shy and sexy at the same time, a vibe only the Havana singer could pull off.

Her hair looked noticeably lighter and appeared to have a wet look as it hung down in waves and cascaded over her shoulders. She seemed incredibly bronzed, with even her makeup featuring peach-colored lips and golden eyeshadow.

The former Fifth Harmony singer smiled and moved her head side to side, blowing kisses at the camera in a video that received over two million likes, which she simply captioned with a tongue sticking out emoji.

In a second video, Camila turned around with her incredibly long hair visible, showing a rear view of her curvaceous butt under the silky dress.

Her dress was a dark blue color with a silky material that clung to her curves flatteringly and was completely backless. It featured cut-outs on the sides and around the chest, making it look like a bikini, with strings coming together around a gold circle.

She turned around, her hair spinning, smiled, and threw her hands up in the air in peace signs as she stuck out her tongue.

Camila posted pics of herself in a black and yellow zebra print bikini

Despite having issues with paparazzi exploiting her with what she considered unflattering bikini pictures on the beach in Miami, the Bam Bam singer hasn’t wasted any time showing off her body on Instagram.

On July 9, she posted a series of Instagram shots of herself in a yellow and black zebra print bikini with black sunglasses and messy hair.

She posted pics of her body from multiple angles, culminating in a risque shot of her butt with the bikini bottoms barely covering everything.

The pictures received over two million likes, including Emily in Paris star Camille Razat, former Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, and Emily Ratajkowski.

Camila claimed she was uncomfortable with paparazzi on the beach

Just before the photos, an interview with Cosmopolitan came out on July 7, in which Camila talked about the paparazzi following her in Miami.

She told the publication, “There are varying degrees of discomfort [with fame]. The beach thing, paparazzi stuff and people filming me, is really uncomfortable.”

She continued, “I was in the ocean and there were six [photographers] four feet away from me. It was so wrong and just weird. [But] I adjust. I don’t go to those places anymore or put myself in vulnerable situations like that. It’s fine, I don’t feel like people are going to be interested in my body forever.”

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