Camila Cabello and friends hit the hot tub after doing Tough Mudder — See the pics

Camila Cabello. 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards held at Staples Center.
Camila Cabello and her friends made a splash in a hot tub after Tough Mudder. Pic credit: ©

Camila Cabello appears to be enjoying the single life following her amicable split from Shawn Mendes in November.

The pop singer shared photos of herself and a few of her friends on Instagram, showcasing a fun time together. The group participated in a Tough Mudder event and then had a hot tub celebration, including drinks and lots of laughs. 

Camila Cabello and friends participate in Tough Mudder, celebrate in hot tub

Camila first shared a set of photos of herself and her friends preparing for the Tough Mudder event.

The first photo is a group pic with all five girls featured. They’re covered in mud and seem to be celebrating their accomplishment with smiling faces and tongues sticking out.

The post includes shots of the girls preparing for the event, a blooper video, and photo outtakes of them having fun together. The last photo shows a closeup of the back of two of the girls’ shorts with the words “Tough Mothas” printed across the butt.

Camila simply wrote “rage” for the caption and the photos have amassed over three million views since they were posted.

Shortly after posting photos and outtakes of the group during their Tough Mudder event, Camila posted a separate set of photos of the five girls celebrating in a hot tub. 

The first photo shows the girls celebrating with drinks and laughs. The second photo is a little more serious. The girls are still smiling and having a good time, but this photo looks more posed than the first one. 

The last photo features four of the five girls with their heads tilted back, eyes toward the camera as they all stick their tongues out. One has her foot extended as she stands and tilts her head back toward the water. 

Fans seem to appreciate seeing all five of the girls having a good time, as the hot tub pics have over one million likes as well. Camila and her friends all look proud of their accomplishments, but some fans aren’t quite sure what it is they’ve accomplished at all.

What is Tough Mudder?

According to Tough Mudder’s FAQs, Tough Mudder is a community of people rather than just events. The community relies on teamwork and overcoming obstacles together, and they advise that “stepping outside your comfort zone is the reward.” 

Tough Mudder events feature “world-class” obstacles ranging from 5k-100 miles. The events are designed to help you accomplish something big as a group and “create unforgettable experiences.” 

They list their missions as “to grow Mudder Nation into a global community that lives courage, personal accomplishment, teamwork, and fun.” 

Tough Mudder is not primarily a race, but they do offer competitions through their Endurance Series. For those who feel they’re up to the challenge of Tough Mudder, their upcoming events can be found here

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