Camila Cabello all smiles about her spa treatment

camila cabello topless
Camila Cabello is treating herself to a high-tech beauty treatment and documenting the process. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Camila Cabello took some time for herself in a trendy infrared sauna and went into selfie mode as she did.

The newest judge on The Voice took to her Instagram Stories for the brightly-colored share.

She treated her 65.5 million Instagram followers to a sneak peek into her fabulous life.

Earlier this week, she appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and Camila was pretty in pink for the occasion. Perhaps all the laughter tired her out because she posted as she got an LED light beauty treatment.

Camila was in good hands with Tracie Martyn, a facialist to the stars, with clients including Elsa Hosk and Rihanna.

She tagged the person who hooked her up, Tracie, and touted the benefits of the beauty ritual, which apparently helped her skin.

Camila smiled with her bright white teeth visible and sparkling.

Camila Cabello enjoys red light beauty treatment

The entire photo was a shade of red, as the former Fifth Harmony member appeared to be enjoying time in an infrared bed. She was topless as she lounged in the device, with a small freckle visible below her shoulder. Camila’s eyes were closed, and her dark tresses were placed behind her over a white towel.

She wrote in white text over the photo, “thank u @traciemartyn skin is fire,” with a few shooting star emojis.

camila cabello red light
Pic credit: @camila_cabello/Instagram

Camila showed that she might be a proponent of light therapy, which has become increasingly popular in past years. Hollywood stars have remained at the forefront of beauty regimes since attaining youth, and beauty often goes hand-in-hand with stardom.

Different types of light are said to offer various benefits, and it appeared that Camila was dabbling in red light.

The latest beauty fad isn’t just a trend–there has been some scientific backing to support the treatments.

Although the red light research has been sparse, the area of study has blossomed in the past few years.

Benefits of red light therapy

LED light therapy, and specifically red LED light therapy, is thought to decrease signs of aging. Light therapy is said to decrease aging through the stimulation of collagen, which affects skin’s elasticity and firmness.

According to Healthline, red light therapy, also known as cold laser treatment, may reduce the appearance of wrinkles or scars due in part to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Accordingly, LED light therapy has become increasingly prevalent in veterinary offices to treat arthritis and other inflammation disorders.

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