Cam Coldheart: Who is rapper ‘beaten up’ by DaBaby in Mall fight video?

Cam Coldheart music
Cam Coldheart appears in his latest music video. Pic credit: Cam Coldheart/Youtube.

North Carolina rapper DaBaby took to Instagram to share a video of a fight, which shows the Suge rapper getting into an altercation with rival Cam Coldheart.

In the video shared by Cam Coldheart on Instagram, he appears to be taunting DaBaby in a Louis Vuitton store. In another video during the same incident, DaBaby is holding a phone recording a verbal altercation with Coldheart.

DaBaby accuses Coldheart of being afraid, to which the rapper replies, “scared of what?” Cam throws the first punch at DaBaby, and a brawl ensues on camera.

A final video shows DaBaby claiming to personally knock out his rival, who ends up bleeding on the floor with his pants down.

Who is Cam Coldheart?

Cam Coldheart is a rapper from the same city as DaBaby — Charlotte, North Carolina.

In response to the viral video on DaBaby’s Instagram page, Cam Coldheart claims he was jumped and took a video with a Louis Vuitton security guard who supported that rapper’s claim that two people attacked him.

However, he did not dispute DaBaby’s claim to have landed the knockout punch.

In a series of follow-up videos, Cam Coldheart promotes his music and taunts DaBaby and his security for leaving his face unharmed following the fight.

DaBaby appears in another video which shows the rapper knock out a heckler with a microphone in his hand while performing.

TMZ also reported last week that DaBaby’s security assaulted a man named Don Trag in an altercation that left the victim in hospital. The report states that DaBaby did not take part in the attack.

Last month DaBaby released his debut album Baby on Baby, which entered the Billboard 200.

In 2018, the rapper was involved in a Walmart shooting that left a man dead. The 27-year-old rapper claimed to have acted in self-defense and he was not charged in the shooting death of the 19-year-old victim.

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